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USB Adapters - Don’t Leave the House Without One
USB plug and memory flash card Wallet. Keys. Cell phone. Tablet. Laptop. Headphones. Cash. ID. These days, there's a lot that you can't leave your house without. If you go back and look at the above list again, four of those essentials are electronics―and electronics upon which our lives are based. Electronics need chargers to survive, meaning that by the transitive property, YOU need them to survive. Unfortunately, most smartphones, computers, and tablets of today are not built with batteries that last more than a day.
The typical smartphone can run dry in just a few hours of heavy use. Furthermore, there may be many instances in which you need to sync a device to a computer or print materials off your laptop or tablet. As a result, you may need to carry a USB cord with you wherever you go. But here's the kicker: What if the only way you can charge your phone, print a document, or upload material is through a computer or other device with USB ports that differ from yours?

Why Take A USB Adapter with Me Everywhere I Go?

Although most modern computers, phones, and tablets are able to function with the now-standard 2.0 USB ports, many older PCs and Macs do not. So, what happens if your only option to charge your device is an ancient desktop, or you need to print out a document with an older printer? Generally speaking, these dated devices will have serial ports, as opposed to USB ports . . . and having an adapter on hand can make all the difference.

How Does a USB Adapter Work?

A USB adapter allows the user to connect devices with USB ports to (usually older) devices without them, or enables you to charge or sync your gadgets by plugging them into various computers, printers, or even wall outlets that do not have a standard USB port. These adapters usually have a non-USB cable on one side and a USB cable on the other. By inserting the adapter into each individual device’s respective ports, you can connect two gadgets that normally would be incompatible with each other. This makes USB adapters a must on your list of items to never leave your house without.

What Does a USB Adapter Look Like?

These adapters are also much more common than you might think! One kind of adapter is one that often comes in the box with your smartphone, tablet, or MP3 player or iPod. Think back to the removable USB cord that charges your iPhone, which allows you to charge or sync the device to your computer. The little white square that it detaches from is a type of USB adapter that enables you to plug your phone into the wall to charge it! The same concept usually applies to the chargers of most smartphones. If you carry your phone charger―including the adapter―with you everywhere, you should generally be good to go in terms of charging it. However, having a standard “plug and play” adapter with you as a precaution is also a great idea. For instance, the USB Type A Male to 5-Pin Mini-USB Type B Male Adapter enables the user to transmit signals from a standard USB Type A connection to a Type B. Its nickel-plated connectors make for improved connectivity between devices, and its PVC jacket is perfect to keep the surface from slipping on surfaces or out of your grip when in use.

What Are the Different Kinds of USB Adapters?

There are several different types of USB adapters, namely in order to accommodate the various genders and types of USB ports and serial ports in existence. The best electronics sellers often sell female to female adapters; Type C to DVI, HDMI, or VGA female adapters; gender changing adapters; Type A Male to Micro-USB male adapters; and much more. Most adapters are relatively inexpensive, so even if you’re on a budget, you can purchase multiple different kinds without breaking the bank! This is generally a smart solution if you own or regularly use multiple incompatible devices that need to connect to each other. If you would rather only purchase one to carry with you at all times, you should do some research before settling on the best one for your needs.

Final Thoughts

USB adapters are one of the most useful hidden secrets of the electronic world. These days, you can’t live without your smart devices, television, or computer, all of which most likely have standard 2.0 or micro USB ports. Yet chances also are that you will encounter devices that don’t have USB ports; in these cases, you will need a USB adapter handy to make your gadgets work with each other! With a little luck and some research, you can be sure to find the best adapter for you, and never have to worry about your old and new devices’ compatibility with each other again.
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