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Failure in Compliance with Safety Standards: UL bans Monoprice CMR Cables

Recently UL warned in a public notice that people should discontinue using Monoprice CMR Cable because it does not comply with UL’s safety standards. Considering that UL has a century-old legacy, people take their recommendations very seriously. If UL recommends discontinuing something, that means it is banned for public usage. 

According to reliable sources, the reason behind UL’s recommendation NOT using Monoprice CMR cables is that these cables “pose a fire hazard” as they do not comply with the accepted flammability requirements of UL’s safety standards. The authorities stated that Monoprice CMR cables were not compliant with CMR Riser Flame Test. This means that the cable poses a threat to catch fire if it heats up during data transmission.

Why is UL Certification is Important?

UL or Underwriter Laboratories is a renowned quality assurance watchdog that certifies products and new inventions with an effort to ensure that this world becomes a better place to live in for final consumers and workers. In reference to Ethernet cables, a UL stamp on a Cat 5e/Cat 6 Bulk Cable Box means that this cable complies with the safety standards and carries fool-proof protection against fire hazards or damage of data transmission lines. Here are CAT6 and CAT5E which qualify all the safety standards for UL and Non-Flammable. 

The Aftermath of a "UL Warning"

Once UL publicly announces to stop using a certain product, in this case - Monoprice CMR cables, the manufacturers have to quarantine the supply chain of that product. In case if it’s available on online stores, the listings have to be removed and the manufacturers have to ensure that it is NOT sold by any other retailer or wholesaler elsewhere. The firm will lose its “UL Listed” status which will damage the brand’s reputation in the long run. Here is the public notice for UL Warns of Potentially Hazardous Communications Cable

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Final Thoughts

The consumers should always purchase only genuine Ethernet cables that are made of high-quality material that is resistant to fire hazards, water damage, and electric shocks. Here the UL stamp and certification carry immense significance, because this reputed third-party watchdog issues certifications and recognition after multiple safety tests. Thus ensuring that the greedy manufacturers are not able to exploit the public.

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