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TV Wall Mount Types
TV mounts bring about a sense of modernity and an enhanced theater experience without having to leave the comfort of your house. They come in different shapes and sizes to suit every preference without interfering with the home’s décor. The type of TV wall mount you choose determines price (but FireFold is still your best deal).

Fixed Wall Mount

Low Profile TV Wall Mount When using a fixed wall mount, the TV remains in one position and is impossible to move in any direction. It is the least flexible type that calls for removal of the entire mount to tilt or change TV direction, but usually the most economical and simplest to install. This type is ideal if you don’t have the need to constantly angle or tilt your television. Fixed wall TV mounts call for tactful placement for the ultimate viewing experience.

Low Profile TV Wall Mount

A low-profile mount is a type of bracket that is used when you want the TV as close to the wall as possible. You can ensure that low profile by hiding unsightly cables and wires with cable management accessories. Low profile TV mounts are designed to fit an array of TV models, which is why you have to choose one that suits your particular model best. There is a universal standard for television mounts to make the purchase process much easier. You do not need to have a professional install the mount. Mounting a TV to the wall is simple with the right tools and the help of a friend. Watch the FireFold crew install a low profile TV mount in this video.

Tilting TV Mount

These offer a little more flexibility compared to the fixed mount, as they allow you to play around with the TV’s angle for better viewing. Changing the angle by tilting the screen upward or downward allows you to deal with glare, especially when watching at different levels, such as on a chair or floor. This increased control over the angle makes it a worthy investment.

Full Motion TV Mount

Full Motion TV Wall Mount A full motion TV mount is the most versatile option when it comes to displaying your TV. You can swivel, tilt, and rotate the television using this all-in-one mount. These types of mounts offer the most control over viewing angles and can be retracted back against the wall when not in use.

Other Factors to Consider

In addition to the mount type, it's also important to make sure your TV model meets weight and screen size limitations that might be noted in the product's specifications. If the TV is too big or too heavy for the mount, you could have a looming disaster. Also, check your stud spacing. Any TV mount should be properly attached to existing studs within the wall for a secure installation. Different houses have different stud spacing, usually based on common practice the year home was built. Newer homes tend to have studs spaced 24 inches apart, while older homes usually have 16 inch studs. Mounts are designed to fit within specific stud spacing parameters, so make sure your mount specifications match your own situation. There are solutions for areas where studs are too far apart for the mount or don't exist at all. SecureMount Anchors are one such solution for fixed or tilting mounts. They allow you to add extra support when you need to mount to a section of drywall without a stud.
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