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TV Wall Mount Sizes: Which Is The Best For Your TV Setup?
TV Wall Mount Sizes - Which Is Best For Your TVYou've finally made that big purchase you've been saving up for a brand new flat screen HDTV. One of the primary benefits of flat screen TVs is their ability to be mounted directly on the wall. Even large screen sizes that once filled up half of the living room are now residing comfortably, and safely, on the wall.If you forgot to purchase a wall mount along with your TV, don't worry almost everybody does. Now you have the opportunity to examine your scenario to determine which TV wall mount sizes are ideal. You'll need to research your TV specifications, identify your particular preferences and create a plan for mounting the TV.

Begin With Your TV Specs

The best place to start when selecting your TV mount is with your TVs owners manual. They key specification to look for is VESA, which will be followed by an individual number. The number indicates the distance between the holes, which is necessary for selecting the right TV mount. If you see VESA 100, that means that the holes are 100 mm apart. TVs with two numbers, such as VESA 200/300, indicate that the holes are in a rectangle, with two sides measuring 200 mm and two sides measuring 300 mm.VESA, which stands for Video Electronics Standards Association, is a system of standardizing TV mounts. It was created to avoid needless confusion when consumers purchased mounts. As you proceed with shopping, keep your VESA number in mind. However, be aware that some mounts can satisfy multiple VESA numbers.Your screen size and total weight are also important when selecting a TV mount that will be the absolute best for your scenario. Both of these specifications

Two Important Questions

You will not be making a decision strictly based on your TV specs, much of this decision is up to personal choice. There is no right and wrong! Ask yourself the following questions before you start browsing TV mounts.
  • Where will your TV be in relation to your furniture?
  • Do you want your TV to have an adjustable position, or remain in a fixed position?
  • Do you want a mount with an arm that extends the TV, or flush like a picture?
Now you are ready to start considering the logistics of mounting your TV. It is important to plan ahead before you make your purchase.

Planning For Your TV Mount

Take the time to plan out where you'll be mounting your TV. In a perfect world, the TV will be eye level with your seat. Looking too high or too low over an extended period of time will almost certainly cause issues for your neck.Where are your windows located? Screen glare is your worst enemy when it is time to relax, so eliminate it now. Either cover up your windows with blackout blinds or ensure that your TV will never be directly hit by the sun.You'll be connecting to your TV to at least one input source, so you need to also consider your wiring needs. Specifically, you need to consider:
  • Will you be running the wires inside or outside of the wall? Running wires inside of the wall will require more work, and may even require researching wiring codes for your city.
  • How much wire will you be needing? If you are making use of a 5.1 surround sound system as well, keep in mind the additional wire connections that will be required.
  • How many components will be connected? Every component adds additional wires that need to be purchased and managed.
  • How will you be controlling the wires? One popular option is to buy cable management raceways. Some options can be painted to blend in with your wall.
There's more involved with planning to mount a TV than you may have expected, but doing it correctly from the beginning will avoid countless future issues.

Time to Purchase Your Wall Mount

Now you are fully prepared to purchase the right wall mount that will serve you well for years to come. You've put in the legwork, found the right measurements, honed in on what you want and even planned out much of the installation. All that remains is searching for the correct wall mount that hits all of the criteria you just created!

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