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Trading in Your Old iPhone
Looking to trade in your old iPhone for the new iPhone 6? It’s no secret that selling your used devices can be difficult. According to sources, timing is everything when it comes to trading in your phone. The older iPhones will have a depreciated value once the new one comes out. So you need to act fast! About two months from now, the resale value of an older iPhone could go be at least 20% less.
If you play your cards right, you can make a good amount of money from selling your iPhone, which you can then use towards the new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. According to uSell, the resale value of old iPhones goes down 11% two weeks after a new model launches, and drops another 10% after seven weeks. This could add up to at least $60 if you wait more than two months. Here are some ways to trade in your old iPhone for the newer one: Gazelle This is a great place to trade in your old iPhone. You can get up to $165 for the 16GB iPhone 5C, and $65 for the iPhone 4S. Check the website to get specific quotes for your phone. Amazon Amazon has a cool program called Electronics Trade-In that is a great way to get a good amount for your older device. Mobile carriers Verizon will actually give you a free iPhone 6 for your old iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S or 5C in good condition. But, there’s a catch: You have to renew your contract for another two years. But still, it’s a good deal. Sprint is offering up to $300 for certain iPhones, and T-Mobile will match any trade-in price from competitors, plus add another fifty bucks on top of that. Best Buy You can trade an iPhone 5S for $300 at Best Buy, but only from September 19th to the 27th.  During this same time frame you can also trade in your 4S for $125, and if your iPhone 5S 16GB model is in good condition, you’ll get up to $300. eBay eBay is an ideal place to get money for your 16GB iPhone 5 and other models. Unlocked iPhones are being sold for hundreds of dollars depending on the model and storage capacity. Just be sure to deal with reputable buyers when selling your phone on eBay. Apple If you want one of the quickest ways to trade in your iPhone, you can always rely on Apple’s trade-in program. They will issue you a gift card for the value of your phone. But while this is a safe and reliable way to trade in your phone, you shouldn’t expect to get the best price at an Apple store.
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