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Top iPhone Video Game Apps
The iPhone offers a great number of applications and games for its users through the App Store. Some of the most played iPhone video game apps are listed below. Have fun!

Zen Bound

Zen Bound is a paid arcade style game that is fun to play and quite a creatively-made gaming experience. The player is required to tie a rope around an object carved out of wood. This is done by moving the iPhone according to the movements of the rope. The game comes with awesome and artistic graphics. It's an engaging and refreshing game!


Peggle is an addictive puzzle game and one of the top in its genre. A paid publication by PopCap, the game consists of a large number of levels where the player slides and shoots to clear peggles and achieve a high score. The app utilizes the touch features of the iPhone very efficiently.

Grand Theft Auto : Chinatown Wars

This version by Rockstar Games is available at $9.99 and provides the perfect adventure and thrill for 3D game lovers, making the best out of the multi-touch controls of the iPhone. The game is extremely close to the fully-detailed and realistic Grand Theft Auto available for the major gaming platforms.


The perfect blend of puzzle and adventure, Rolando is an award-winning app that brings lovely animations and interesting experience for the user. The gradually-rising difficulty level of the game makes it very addictive. You can solve various physics puzzles and interact with the creatively-made environments using the touch controls of the iPhone. Rolando comes with over 50 exquisite levels of gameplay.

Dragon's Lair

This is a adaption of the classic arcade game. The beautifully-animated touch version of the game is a paid app worth $5 for the iPhone. The game is played with an on-screen direction pad and sword. To help, a move guide is also provided and most of the features of the original game are retained.


Zenonia is a role-playing game by Gamevil and comes with amazing graphics. A creative challenge through various adventures and quests, the game comes with a large number of levels of engaging gameplay. The player can choose from four different heroes each with unique powers and qualities and enjoy this mysterious action game.

Star Defense

This game is a widely loved iPhone 3D game that is full of action and strategy. This tower defense game comes with fantastic environments where the player fights with aliens and utilizes the multi-touch controls of the iPhone in the best possible manner.

Beneath a Steal Sky

An amazing puzzle adventure game, this game keeps the player involved in solving the puzzle and mysteries of the main hero struggling in a new city. The game has a variety of interesting characters and quests and follows a pattern an story for the gameplay.
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