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Top iPad Apps
The iPad is one of the most popular devices around today. It has great graphics and easy to use apps making it a runaway best seller. One of the amazing and outstanding things is that the iPad offers a number of great resources for users, many for free. Those who choose to use these apps can get some of the best that technology has to offer.
Here are the top iPad apps that we think are cool as well as useful: For mail programs users, Evomail is a simple easy to use version of the mail and allows users to get mail delivery simply and easily. Mailbox is a new way to get and store mail. These are just two of the fantastic apps that come with the iPad. Drafts is a simple program that combines the simplicity of writing a note with sending it directly to simple note or Evernote. Drafts is a great way to capture both notes and ideas, and just another reason why we love our iPad. You can also sync drafts up with your iPhone so everything is tied together in one neat package. Paper is an app that can make those of us who can't draw a straight line into the best of artists with its simple design. The best thing is you can also tie this in with Evernote so you can share your talents with others and have a backup as well. Sunrise is a great calendar app for keeping your life in order. Not only can you have your own state of the art customized calendar you can also tie it into Google maps and other apps for a useful calendar that not only keeps you organized, it also lets you know where you are going as well. HootSuite allows users to create a number of social network streams and view them in a clean, uncomplicated interface, sending messages to multiple networks at the same time. It has been labeled one of PC Magazine’s best apps of 2014. Naturally you can't forget Facebook as an app! Although the developers of Facebook took their sweet time with coming up with one, it now works seamlessly on the iPad. Another app that PC Magazine has declared one of the best apps of 2014 is Air Ipad 1.2. This app turns your iPad into a wireless second LCD monitor that could be used on a Mac or PC. Everyone who works on an iPad or a computer understands the benefits of having a second monitor, and this device can make it possible. It is also very cost-effective at only $9.99.
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