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Top 5 Organizational Apps
Organizing activities through a single day can be tricky at times. Fortunately, the invention of several organizing apps has made it possible to remain on schedule when you’re balancing family, work, school, and playtime. These apps will help you remember things in your To-do lists, passwords, ideas, and important documents. Below are the top 5 organization apps you may want to consider to organize your busy life:


This is a simple app represented by a virtual box. Upon signing up for an account, the user is allowed to drop anything they feel important into the virtual box. It is password-protected and allows the user a maximum free storage space of 2GB. It is a comfortable way for you to share your documents or photos with friends, family members or coworkers. Dropbox works with Windows, Mac, iPad, Linux, Android, iPhone, and Blackberry. As a result, files created on a computer at home can be pulled out on any device as long as the Dropbox app is installed.


It works as a capture system for your ideas and schedules. It can store up anything that can be seen and heard. It allows users to store their pictures, music, screenshots, text, links, and spreadsheets. Apart from the storage of files, Evernote is taggable and searchable. It can search the words in an image from a picture. It can be installed on any digital device and files can be synced so that users have the same information on every device with much ease.


This app stores all your passwords in one secure place. LastPass is password protected to ensure all your other passwords are protected. It also stores information required on online forms such as your name and physical address. This will save you time when such information is required on new websites. LastPass works across all devices and browsers. You can automatically synchronize your passwords between Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. It also works with Android, iPhone, Windows, and Blackberry smartphones. Supported browsers include Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.


This app allows you to tell your Android, iPhone or Blackberry what you plan to do. You can feed reQall on things you need to do using text, e-mail, an IM or a call. The app analyzes your information and organizes the information appropriately. It also analyzes upcoming items and events.


Timr is a time-tracking app that works with most phones, Macs, and PCs. The app tracks every activity you take part. It helps you organize your day by letting you know where you lost time at the end of the day. Timr is portable and allows you to track the progress of work even when in a meeting or at the office. A free Timr account has limited features unlike those with paid plans. Paid Timr accounts can support a maximum of 50 users making it suitable for a growing business. Install one of these great organization apps and have a fruitful day when working and at home!
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