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Tips and Tricks to Installing Your Wall Mount TV Shelf
Tips and Tricks to Installing Your Wall Mount TV Shelf Flat screen televisions have taken the world by storm, with good reason. Their wall-hugging design allows the television to be placed at the most comfortable height to improve the viewing or gaming experience while eliminating the need for bulky entertainment centers or elaborate television cabinets. An outrageously modern improvement in the television industry, the flat-screen television has only one flaw - the lack of convenient shelving for gaming consoles, cable boxes, Blu-Ray players and other components and accessories. This problem can be solved, however, by installing a convenient, attractive wall mount TV shelf.

Benefits of Installing a Wall Mount TV Shelf

Designed to complement and enhance flat screen televisions, a wall mount TV shelf allows the television to be completely free of the need for any tables or furniture on the floor beneath the television's location. Instead, the shelf is securely attached to the wall, allowing the sturdy brackets to be completely concealed behind the television. A convenient cord management system is included with most shelves to provide a welcome alternative to the messy, jumbled lengths of wire, cord and cables needed to connect gaming systems, computers and other components. Best of all, installing a wall mount TV shelf is fast and easy, with the complete installation taking only a few minutes and there is no need for special tools. Since no drilling is required, walls are not damaged or marred, making them perfect for use in apartments and rental homes, as well.

Ten Easy Steps For Installation

  1. Unpack the wall mount TV shelf and read the instructions, taking time to become familiar with each component
  2. Disconnect and set aside any components that are attached to the television
  3. Clear away any furnishings that might be in the way during the installation
  4. Careful remove the flat screen television from the wall and place it in a safe location
  5. Place the attachment arm onto the top rail of the existing mounting bracket for the television
  6. Insert the shelf extension hardware into the attachment arm, securing with the bolt and wing nut
  7. Insert support slide into the extension, adjust to the desired height and secure with a bolt and the wing nut
  8. Repeat steps 5-7 for the second side
  9. Add cord management covers and place shelf or shelves on the floating shelf support
  10. Re-hang television and place gaming systems or other components on the shelves, reconnect and enjoy.
Wall mount TV shelf systems are available in sizes to fit any readily available flat screen. They can be purchased with a single or multiple shelves. Before buying a wall mount TV shelf, consumers should consider the amount and weight of the components they will be placing on the shelves. It is also a good idea to ensure that the existing flat screen television support bracket is correctly installed and able to support the additional weight that will by added once the shelf support system is installed. Wall mount TV shelf systems are also available that mount directly to a single wooden stud. When choosing this type of shelf, consumers should first ensure that there is an available stud in the desired location before purchasing.  

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