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The Latest iPhone 6 Rumors
If you’re like many people, you are awaiting the arrival of the much-anticipated iPhone 6! There are many rumors floating around out there, and they change almost daily. There are many photos that have been leaked that show clones of the iPhone 6 model and its concepts. But we won’t know what the exact specs of the iPhone 6 are until the fall season (around September) when Apple finally releases the device. Until then, here’s a roundup of the latest iPhone 6 rumors that are going around:


Rumor has it that the new design of the iPhone 6 will include a bigger display made out of sapphire metal that is designed for use with one hand. It’s also speculated that the new model will have a sleeker look with curved edges and more metal. The iPhone 6 is rumored to have other design alterations that will improve its overall function.

Release date

There are numerous reports about the actual release date of the newest version of the iPhone. Many speculate that Apple will release the new iPhone 6 on September 19th, which is the third Friday in the month. This release date is similar to other previous iPhone launches. Other sources report the rumor that the iPhone 6 may actually be released in this month, but that seems unlikely.

Two models

Apple has plans to release a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 as well as a 5.5-inch model. It’s unclear whether or not both models will be available at the same time, or if the larger version’s release will be pushed back until 2015.

Lightning cable

There are rumors that the new iPhone 6 will have a new lightning cable that is completely reversible at both ends. The new cable will plug into computers more easily. A few months ago, Apple introduced specifications for headphone manufacturers to use its proprietary lightning port instead of the standard 3.5mm headphone jack. This could mean that the new iPhone 6 could integrate two ports into one. We can only speculate right now what the new version of the iPhone will be like, and the rumors are flying around like crazy. As users of the iPhone 5 prepare to upgrade to the brand new device, the rumors will continue to run rampant while the anticipation builds!
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