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The Different Types of iPods
Since their introduction in 2001, iPods have attracted global attention when it comes to entertainment. There is no doubt that many who value quality entertainment will always settle for an iPod. Unfortunately, a good majority of people don't understand how to distinguish one type of iPod from another. And who can blame them? The models can be confusing! Basically, there are four types of iPods. Here is a rundown:

The iPod Classic

This is the ideal iPod for a person whose main motivation is capacity. Of all the types of iPods, the iPod Classic has the highest memory capacity of 160 gigabytes. This capacity offers storage for all media files and games. So you can use this gadget to watch videos or listen to audio files. It is fitted with a 2.5 inch LCD color screen which enables the user to view content. The iPod Classic has an operating system which can be read and synchronized using a computer. This makes it easy for the user to load the iPod Classic with any content of their choice. This type of iPod comes in two colors only: either black or silver.

The iPod Touch

The most outstanding feature of the iPod Touch is its mixing and voice control abilities. With a varying capacity of 8, 32 and 64 gigabytes, this type of iPod offers the user easy access to music files using iTunes. Basically, you can access music online from anywhere. Of course, this is made possible by the inbuilt Wi-Fi devices. The Wi-Fi extends to access music or even text, providing many of the capabilities of a tablet. One can actually listen to the iTunes radio and browse the web using the iPod. It is phenomenal for simplicity in accessing emails and social websites. The display screen for an iPod Touch is the biggest of all iPod types. It is 4 inches in size and boasts a multi-touch display.

The iPod Nano

The Nano comes in a variety of colors ranging from red, blue, purple, and six other colors. The biggest modification that came with this iPod is the built -in video camera. The user can capture any interesting activities, people, and events without using an actual camera. The most outstandingly unique features of this iPod include the Genius Mixes which allow the user to sample songs without looking at the screen; an FM radio which does not need the Internet; and a pedometer which allows one to know how many calories you have burned when working out. It has a 2.5-inch multi-touch screen. The iPod Shuffle The iPod Shuffle is the smallest of all iPods. Its small size allows the device to be easy to store. Its unique feature is the fact that you use the earphones to control music and not the device itself. It is the only iPod which has no screen and is suitable for audio files only.
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