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The Best iPhone Cooking Apps
Aspiring chefs, listen up! If you want to make delicious dishes in your home any time of the day, your phone could be your assistant. Cooking has been made extremely easy these recent times thanks to smartphones. The iPhone, in particular, offers numerous apps with step-by-step instructions detailing every aspect of making a delicious meal. If you are a cooking enthusiast, or just looking to prepare some nice cookies, the following are some of the best cooking iPhone apps to help you through:

Jamie Oliver’s 20 Minute Meals

This iPhone app has gained huge popularity among chefs today. Anyone can use it and follow the detailed step-by-step pictures for almost 100 recipes. There’s even a tab at the top that enables you to switch the ingredient amounts from 2 to 4 people if you are having visitors come over for dinner. You can get it at $7.99 and enjoy making your favorite dish straight from your own kitchen.

How to Cook Everything

Going for $4.99, this cooking app offers very many recipes from the Mark Bitmans book. Its interface is pretty sleek and simple, and all the recipes come with a cooking timer and shopping list. If don’t have any experience in the kitchen, you will appreciate the videos provided that cover everything from how to roast chicken to sharpening knives.

Mario Batali Cooks

Italian food lovers are also not left out with iPhone cooking apps. Mario Batali Cooks offers an excellent interface that’s stylish and fun to use. You will get over 20 Italian recipes, detailed in step-by-step pictures as well as overview videos. What’s more, you will get to understand a good deal of information on wines, including wine pairings for every recipe you choose.

Whole Food Market Recipes

This app offers a sleek interface that’s easy to navigate, offering hundreds of recipes that are illustrated with mouthwatering photos. Every recipe has some icons that inform you if it’s gluten-free, low-sodium, or vegetarian. With this app, you can also find nutrition facts based on the ingredients you have. You only have to decide what to cook for dinner, get ingredients and this app does the rest of the job! Dinner Spinner

You don’t have to scratch your head wondering what to cook for dinner. This app is made exactly for that purpose. It offers thousands of user-submitted recipes for free. It’s a great choice, especially if you are a vegetarian or have special diet needs. All the nutrition facts including calorie levels are all included in the app. For those who want more in terms of a shopping list and added features can upgrade to AllRecipes Pro. If you are a big fan of cooking and want to try new things then these iPhone apps will prove indispensable. They will help you make just about anything from decadent pancakes and cookies to lip smacking entrees and appetizers. Bon appétit!
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