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The Benefits of a Home Network
Home networks are a great investment to have! With a home network, you can connect your television, your computer, your game systems, your tablets, printers, and your wireless phones all through an internet connection. Some networks are wired networks, but the best option is to have a wireless home network connection. This way you don’t have to deal with all the wires all over your house. By purchasing a modem and router for a whole house, many devices you can connect a large quantity of devices to one network setting. You will need a strong internet connection and a large GB plan for your internet service. There are many benefits to connecting a home network: Connecting your whole home to the internet will provide you with endless workability and entertainment possibilities, as well as the ability to manage security and passwords from one home system. You can store all your files on one file storage app and access it from anywhere in your home with any device you choose. Gaming systems can function with Netflix, Facebook, Skype, and many more apps that people use on a regular basis on their computers. You can take your laptop to the bedroom and still access your files on your desktop. You can go to the park and access your home computer on your tablet while the kids play. By purchasing a modem and router you can start your home network set up, or you can purchase a gateway which services as the modem and router all in one. This is a simple process. Just connect your internet connection to whatever equipment you purchased and set up every electronic device in your home to work off of that particular network. You can access gaming on the internet through your gaming system and play multiplayer games with players all over the world. There are many options for multiplayer games such as World of Warcraft, Minecraft, and many more. These games can be run on the computer, Xbox360 or PlayStation. When playing games online, you have to connect to a server and you usually need a subscription plan to their online network for that system such as Xbox live. But these plans can be purchased through your gaming system or by purchasing access cards and loading in the code when going online. Another advantage to home networks is using a VoIP phone service that works off of your internet connection. The services are cheaper and you can make national and international calls for much lower rates. The VoIP phone system connects through your computer connection and works on your regular phone by accessing the internet through the wireless router and making calls. Though there are only a few disadvantages, they can be troubling. One disadvantage to a home network is if it is not completely secure someone can steal your access if they live nearby and have access to all your files. So, a secure password is necessary. Also, buying all the equipment can be costly if you don’t already have it. Most people already have the equipment they wish to set up so this is an advantage but if you don’t then the cost can get be high. So although the home network is the new wave of the future, there is always a disadvantage that needs to be monitored effectively to secure the usage and see that data stays secure.
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