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The Basics of Google Glass
Computers and technology are evolving at an astounding rate. What was new one year ago is outdated now, and high-tech innovations to come do not really seem all that far off. Smartphones and tablets brought touch interactivity; however wearable and voice-activated technology is now pushing the limits of what you can do with a device both in terms of size and power. If you have not yet heard about Google Glass, be ready to reconsider what you think a computer is. And be ready to be stunned at what this most recent innovation can do!

What’s Google Glass?

It's basically a computer that you wear like eyeglasses. Like a tablet or smartphone, it can link you to just about anyone and anything. But unlike Android or iOS technology, this gadget provides hands-free, voice-activated interactivity. If you have been wanting to use your mobile device and look somewhere else at the same time, this gadget solves this problem by placing a computer exactly where your eye is. With Google Glass, your screen will be wherever you look, allowing you to interact with your computer and the world around you simultaneously.

What’s Google Glass Used For?

  • Organizing busy schedules: The most recent technology updates integrated in this gadget makes it a much wiser and powerful help compared to other alternatives. The enhanced voice commands, schedule reminders, events, and calendars help you to organize your daily tasks in a much more simplified way. With the help of just a couple of voice commands, you can plan your daily work in a much better way.
  • Health monitoring: You’ll be able to track your movement with the built-in GPS chip based on the latest technology updates. Besides the health-related apps or external tracking monitor, you can keep track of the performance of speed, pace, and heart rate among other essential aspects. By simply wearing this gadget, you can keep yourself informed about your caloric intake and burnout, which will greatly help you in monitoring your health and maintaining a healthy way of life.
  • Access to real-time information: You can get access to important information anytime you need it using Google Glass. Regardless of whether you are looking for maps, movie listings, flight timings or the latest Google updates, this gadget will give you real-time information. So, you don’t have to reach out to your pocket to take out your smartphone every time to look for information.
  • Benefits education: After this gadget becomes a hit, it will transform the education system completely. It will help you make presentations, search for real-time information online, and mail your assignments. The best part is that it will also be able to record tutorials easily in places where cell phones aren’t allowed.
As time passes, more and more technology updates will be done on this wonderful device. Also, Google is investing so much in the research and development of Google Glass. They are also providing the most recent updates in order for it to become a revolutionized product.
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