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The 12 Most Insane Media Rooms in the World
Insane Media Rooms   A dedicated media room provides the ideal escape from reality. With a large screen that delivers a clear and crisp image, surround sound to provide an immersive experience, and comfortable seating to take it all in, home theaters are the perfect space to watch the game or your favorite film.   the ideal media room graphic   A few homeowners took the media room concept to the next level by designing completely custom spaces with the latest audio and visual equipment. From a custom Batcave to a room from a galaxy far, far away, check out these 12 insane media rooms. media divider 1

Hollywood Glamour

Paying homage to Old Hollywood, one homeowner built a home theater perfect for watching films new and old. The room features gorgeous plush red seating, red and gold accents, and a theater-like stage for the projector screen display. Designed by Cantara Design with the interior design by Slayman Design Associates, this media room, named “Lady Luck” is any movie enthusiast’s dream. The video component of the massive private cinema features an 18-foot-wide, curved screen paired with a Digital Projection reference level 3D projector. According to Cantara Design, the audio component includes 10 high-powered surround speakers and 18 12” subwoofers, all calibrated through a studio-grade GSC Signal Processor. The media room can comfortably seat up to 45 people and includes a private balcony area where guests can enjoy the film not only on the projector screen but also on two large LED televisions. A grand entrance room was also designed to mimic the ticket booth and entrance of an old movie theater. media divider 2

Drive-In Theater

Taking inspiration from a classic 1950s drive-in theater, Theo Kalomirakis designed an amazing theater for a home in Connecticut. The ceiling is dotted with lights made to look like stars, and the seats are modeled after classic cars from the 1950s. Of course, the main attraction is the large projector screen up front. A projector is mounted to the ceiling and provides a truly old-time-movie feel. The room is even equipped with a walk-up snack bar. Theo Kalomirakis has designed many luxurious home theaters and is known as being an industry leader. When interviewed by Electronic House magazine, Kalomirakis stated that the some of the most common mistakes people make when designing their media centers are related to sound. He believes carpeting is a must in the room in order to truly hear the bass tones and recommends considering not only the acoustics of the room but of the rooms next to the media center. drive in theatre family fun vintage signs media divider 3

Ranch Style

Staying true to the design aesthetic of the house, Ralph Lauren designed the media center of his Double RL Ranch in Colorado with touches of Old Hollywood combined with the existing rustic ranch design. Comfortable leather chairs with beautifully patterned throws are positioned to face the large projection screen up front. The projection screen is positioned to mimic an ‘Old Hollywood’ theater stage, complete with red velvet curtains to the sides. Speakers are positioned throughout the room to provide the audio component. The antlers on the wall and the wood beam above the screen tie in the rustic design. media divider 4

Star Wars

One Star Wars fan took his love of the films to the next level, creating a completely custom media room. Designed by Modern Home Designs, the home media center was designed to mimic the interior deck of the Death Star. According to Digital Trends, this state-of-the-art home theater room houses a 107-inch Stewart Filmscreen display and six flat-panel LCDs, all controlled by a touch remote. With the help of design firm Acoustic Innovations, the ceiling spaceship panels were custom-designed to create the illusion of an endless void. The walls and ceiling are made of fiber optic acoustic panels that recess from the window openings and are designed to look like a spaceship.   four storm troopers side by side   Every part of the theater is designed to be part of a spaceship. The single entry door to the media room is opened with a motorized mechanism that then disappears into a wall pocket. The equipment racks can rotate 180 degrees, so they can be closed to showcase the detail or opened to expose the front of the A/V gear. media divider 5

Star Trek

Taking the home theater idea to the next level, financier Marc Bell designed a $1.5 million home theater to look and feel like the Starship Enterprise. Working with the same firm responsible for the Star Wars-themed home theater, this truly mind-blowing space took over four years to complete, but the media center was worth the wait. The entire theater is unique, but what really stands out is the hydraulic system underneath the floor. A D-Box controller manipulates the hydraulics to shake anytime a loud noise is made during the viewing of a film. The room was originally built with a JBL Synthesis sound system but is currently being upgraded to Dolby Atmos. Bell also has plans to install a 4K projector screen. home theatres quote The doors that open into the theater are exact replicas of the Turbolift doors as seen on the TV show. When someone steps on the circular “transporter,” the doors open with a “whoosh” sound. A wraparound control center includes a touchscreen panel that controls everything from the lights to the projector. What’s more, the ceiling is lighted by hundreds of fiber optic lights that twinkle at different frequencies depending on how far away they are. Now that is pretty cool. media divider 6


Talk about epic. A home theater in Greenwich, Connecticut has been designed to look like the Batcave from The Dark Knight. This ambitious project took over two years to complete, but the results are stunning. Designed by Elite Home Theater Seating, the 180-inch projector screen is hidden behind metal screen covers that slide open when the screen is in use. The rear of the theater features a stainless steel elevator, a fireplace, and plush chairs designed to “combine the feel of Gotham City with the cozy aesthetic of Wayne Manor.” What’s more; the Batmobile is hidden behind bookshelves that are revealed by pulling on a Shakespeare statue. An “escape tunnel” is also built in, spanning about 30 feet.   dark batman figure media divider 7

Outer Space

One space enthusiast took his love of space and transformed his home media center into the perfect getaway room. Designed by Kasabe Designs, this home theater makes you feel like you are in a different galaxy. The ceiling replicates the night sky with a fiber optic star ceiling that has an incredible image of the solar system, and images of space line the walls, painted on acoustically transparent fabric that is mounted on acoustical panels around the perimeter of the room. The media room is filled with the latest technology, complete with eight subwoofers and seven Triad Gold Series speakers. The audio is delivered by JBL Synthesis SDA amplifiers, processors, and equalizers. The projection screen has a resolution of 2,560 x 1080 that is displayed on a 180-inch screen. media divider 8

Swanky Basement Bar

Wanting to transform a mundane basement space, a family in Cheshire, England designed a high-tech space to watch movies and sports. Designed by Finite Solutions, the eight-person home media space features a customized bar and a high performance sound system.   stocked bar with drinks served   The space is equipped with Triad Gold series in-wall speakers in full 7.4.2 Atmos configuration that works in conjunction with a Yamaha processor to deliver impressive surround sound. A Sony 4K projector and a 9-foot wide acoustically transparent screen combine for a striking video component. Additional components include a Panasonic 4k Blu-ray player and Amazon Fire 4k player. Everything is controlled via a central command system—Control4—that works on the iPhone and iPad, including the A/V system and lighting. media divider 9

Super Fan

Sometimes one screen just isn’t enough. That was certainly the case for Maryland homeowners Ryan and Jessica Donaldson. As part of a contest co-sponsored by the NFL Network and DIY Network, a rec room was converted into a football-themed media room. Featured in Electronic House, the insane space is equipped with five high-definition LCD TVs on one wall and on the adjacent wall, a 100-inch Draper screen displays crisp images from the ceiling-mounted Sharp projector. Installed by the professionals at Premiere Audio Video Services, each TV can display a different game and the owners can select which game they want to hear. The sound is delivered via a Bose 3-2-1 audio system through the TV’s built-in speakers. There is even a hydraulic system that moves the floor. Talk about really immersing yourself in the action. media divider 10

A Pirate’s Life

Wanting a completely unique entertainment space, a Florida film buff built a $2.5 million Pirates of the Caribbean-themed media room in his Palm Beach, FL home. Designed by Elite Home Theater Seating, the ambitious media room is modeled after the deck of a pirate ship. The beautifully designed chairs mimic the captain’s chair and are positioned in front of a giant projection screen. High deck railings accommodate speakers and acoustical treatments, while the walls and the floor are constructed from acoustic-friendly material. It may look like wood, but the synthetic material is made to ensure that the quality of the sound is not distorted. The hand-painted ceiling is made to look like a stormy Caribbean sky, while white sails are draped overhead. The entrance of the theater has even been designed with inspiration from a 17th-century tavern, with gas lanterns, barrels, and a custom-built dark wood bar.   pirates of the caribbean movie display media divider 11

Game Day

One sports fanatic set out to design the ultimate game day oasis. A homeowner in New Jersey wanted to create the perfect space to watch the game and an epic media room was the result. The media space features nine screens, including a large 100-inch front-projection screen, flanked on both sides by four 42-inch flat panels. As reported by Sound and Vision, a custom video-wall system houses the eight 46-inch LCD screens that, when viewed together, provide full image display is approximately 160 inches wide by 45 inches tall. A high-performance surround system delivers crystal clear sound via speakers throughout the room, creating an immersive experience. All of the high-tech equipment is controlled by a Crestron interface with a user-friendly app accessible by iPad. The same home also has a dedicated home theater space, which features a 129-inch screen and an Epson projector. media divider 12

Take a Dip

Ever wished you could watch the game or your favorite movie while taking a dip in the pool? You aren’t alone. Home Cinema Gallery designed a media room that was built in the indoor pool and gym area of their client’s home. The brief was to create a home theater experience in the space, with the projected image to be seen in the pool and gym area at the same time. A projector was housed in the gym, away from the humidity of the swimming pool, with the screen in the pool area. Glass doors separate the gym and pool area and can be switched between clear or opaque depending on whether the cinema is in use. The flexible sound system allows the client to have the audio playing in either the pool or gym area or both areas at the same time. Definitive Technology DI8R speakers were installed with an in-wall subwoofer and powerful Sub Amp.
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