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Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. Apple iPhone 5S
Let’s take a look at two high-end phones: The iPhone 5S from Apple and the Galaxy S5 from Samsung. We’ll compare them to see which one of the two is better. This assessment is based on an analysis of the core features, memory, storage among others the battery life.
The first thing to consider is appearance. If you prefer a large phone, then the Samsung Galaxy S5 is perfect for you as it is the larger of the two devices. However it's not as big as a tablet and can fit in your pocket quite easily; it is simply bigger and bulkier than the competition. The aesthetic appeal of the iPhone 5S is excellent, and Apple is credited with doing a great job in that regard. The iPhone is made out of metal, while the Galaxy S5- though sleek and stylish in its own right- is made of plastic. Like the Apple model, it is available in many different colors. In terms of screen size, it's no surprise that the iPhone 5S has a smaller screen in comparison to the Samsung. This larger screen can be problematic if you prefer to have easy access to key buttons, microphones etc. as the screen absorbs most of the phone's front panel. A plus for the Galaxy is that is larger screen size and resolution makes it ideal to facilitate full HD videos. This is not the case with its smaller counterpart. A similarity of both screens is that they are scratch-resistant. Both score high in terms of performance and speed. In terms of RAM, Samsung scores higher than Apple with 2GB as opposed to the 1GB the latter offers. Additionally, the battery life on the Samsung Galaxy was tested to be the stronger of the two, but the iPhone 5S scored higher in terms of storage. With the Samsung, you have to consult third party applications for additional storage. The camera quality for both is similar with minor differences. This decision of which device to get will be based on your personal preference, whether it be in terms of phone size, make/ material used, camera quality, and storage space. Additionally, if you prefer to have a later model, then the Samsung is perfect. It is widely believed that Samsung Galaxy S5 ranks much higher than its Apple counterpart. But you be the judge! It's always best to make an informed decision when choosing a mobile device. Happy shopping!
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