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Router Security: Protect Yourself With These Simple Tips
Router Security Router security is an important aspect when it pertains to maintaining a safe technological environment in the workplace. When you want to have a more secure router, the first thing to check is whether your router has a key. You can create your own private key via the wireless security setup screen located in your router.

Invent a Private Key in the Setup Section of Your Router

Simply enter the setup section and invent an identifying key that prevents others from connecting to your router. If you do not create a key, you are basically using a computer that is connected to an unsecured network. Using a network with a key is a simple way to protect your online privacy.

Change the Default Password to Your Own Exclusive Password

One of the most important things to bear in mind when attempting to make your router more secure is that you need to change the default SSID password. All of the manufactured routers representing your specific brand and model come equipped with the same identical password. Consequently, anyone who is familiar with your specific router already knows about the default password. A unique SSID password enhances security

Create a Complicated Password Fortress Within Your Router

Changing the default password to a unique SSID password helps prevent other web pages from committing potentially harmful security attacks on your router. Make sure you choose a lengthy and complex password that is impervious to security threats. Never use your real name, date of birth, landline or mobile telephone number, physical address, email address or social security number in the new router password. Do not create a password containing any letters, numbers or words enabling others to use or attack your router.

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Prevent Attacks by Turning off WiFi Protected Setup (WPS)

You may not realize that WPS is vulnerable to router attacks. Instead of using WPS, you have the option to turn on WPA2 encryption and add a distinct password to ensure additional protection. Turning off WPS and turning on WPA2 is a simple process you can accomplish in the router settings. If your router also has the AES option, turn on both WPA2 and AES to make the device more secure. If WEP is the only available setting, consider upgrading to a more technologically advanced router featuring more secure options.

Upgrade the Firmware in Your Router on a Regular Basis

You already know that your computer needs updates. The firmware in your router also needs updates that improve its performance. However, you may not know that upgrading your router also increases security. Installing the latest firmware updates ensures a safer and more efficient router.

Use a Certified Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)

You may not even need to use the IPv6 on your router. If you do need IPv6, you can use a certified version to make your router more secure. If you are unable to find a certified IPv6, consider changing the default Internet Protocol (IP) address to a different address. A certified IPv6 or changed IP address ensure that attackers are less capable of discovering the location of your router.

Remember to Log Out of Your Router Settings

When you are changing settings in your router, it is easy to forget about logging out of the router. Logging out makes your router less vulnerable to potentially negative issues. Staying logged into your router leaves it open so that others can change your security settings. You may think you have enabled WPA2 only to find out later that an attacker changed the setting back to the less secure WPS setting. You do not want to make a CSFR attack possible simply because the attacker has gained access to an authenticated browser session. Logging off is a simple way to protect your router security. When your router is protected, you have a stronger business network.

Disable the Remote Management Feature

Even though your web server is embedded, your router is still at risk because a web server is not infallible. In fact, your embedded web server can actually cause security problems within the router. If you have created a corporate VPN within the workplace, establish a security policy that incapacitates the remote management feature. After you have altered the remote administration feature, invest in surveillance products that determine whether staff members are connected via secure routers that do not rely on remote administration. Take advantage of the most recent technology offering greater router security.

Disable the Guest Access Feature

While you may think that the guest access feature serves a useful function, your router is more secure when you disable this the guest mode. Disable the guest access feature by selecting the disable setting instead of the enable setting. Remember to apply the changed setting before logging out of the router. Although at first glance the guest option seems as though it is a good idea, some routers do not offer security options for the guest access feature. Instead, the guest option in these routers is completely unprotected which renders it an open WiFi network in wild territory that is open to unexpected attacks.

Choose an Excellent Router Service for Your Business

In addition to security, you need to avoid choosing a poor router service. With a good router service, expect reliability, safety and speed. On the other hand, a poorly designed service can cause you to lose customers. Protecting your network is of utmost importance. You will not receive the protection you require if you decide to work with an inefficient service simply because it costs less money.

The Future of Router Security

In the future, you will benefit from using routers offering additional storage and power. Plus, you will have access to newer types of wireless services at your disposal. For instance, Wireless AC is an innovative way to connect four computers to one router. Offering speeds unheard of in the past, the newer types of wireless routers enable you to download massive amounts of information within a few seconds.
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