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Product Spotlight: Vertical Cable, Make The Right Connection
Product Spotlight Vertical Cable As the name might imply, Vertical Cable supplies a massive range of cables, patch cords and connectors for various applications. While our tech enthusiast team members are certainly pleased to offer these awesome products, we thought it might help to introduce you to everything the company has to offer.

About Vertical Cable

Vertical Cable was founded in 2006. Although it hasn't been in the market quite as long as some other companies, the firm's quality products mean it enjoys fairly high repute. With a focus on low-voltage cables designed around data connectivity, Vertical Cable provides interfaces and links for everything from consumer usage to enterprise applications. One of our favorite aspects of the firm is that it's known for quality controls that result in dependable products.

Application-Ready Cables

Buying Vertical Cable products isn't like heading to your local hardware store because you don't need to purchase a hundred individual items to complete big jobs. The company specializes in various forms of high-volume provisioning. Here are some tips on determining what might fit your next project.

Bulk Audio and Alarm Security Cable

Vertical Cable gives you the choice of buying boxed or open reels in lengths of 500 and 1,000 ft. These items are designed and stress tested for continuous use in a wide breadth of mission-critical safety and media functions, including:
  • Intercom and PA systems,
  • Security monitoring,
  • General sound and audio,
  • Power-limited control circuits,
  • Fire alarm and smoke detection, and
  • Keypads, door locks and other access control devices.

Creating the Perfect Installation

Whereas many alternatives force you to rely on a limited range of options, Vertical Cable gives you a bit more leeway to customize your wiring. For instance, our resident audiophiles definitely appreciate the high-strand-count audio cables for bringing a bit more fidelity to commonplace applications. It's also nice not to have to wonder whether your plenum cables meet fire safety standards. Each Vertical Cable item is clearly marked for suitable uses. Vertical Cable also permits customization in terms of features like shielding, conductor count, ripcords and jacket types. When you're trying to match speakers and drivers or minimize interference in cable runs, it's handy to be able to tweak the details.

Bulk Coax Cable

Vertical Cable's coax offerings include numerous plenum-ready options that meet a range of international RG, or radio guide, standards. Like our audio and security cables, these items come in boxed and bare spools. In other words, you can fill your stockroom's shelves or set up a laying rig from the back of a service vehicle with equal ease. We've heard that people use these Vertical Cable coax lines for:
  • A/V distribution,
  • Radio frequency CATV-MATV signal routing,
  • CCTV signal transmission, and
  • Computer and data processing projects.

Reliable Quality Controls

As you might expect, Vertical Cable coax lines are mostly plug and play. Because each line is sweep-tested up to 3.0 GHz, they're ready to hit the ground running. Just be sure you check the item descriptions for details on whether they support direct burial or require additional housing.

Ease of Use

Little details matter when it comes to expansive coax installations, and there are many aspects that make this cable worth its cost. Being able to choose between copper-clad aluminum or bare copper braiding to prevent interference is one obvious perk. It also doesn't hurt that the shielding is made from 95 percent pure metal. Another commonly overlooked detail that Vertical Cable actually remembered to observe is including line markings on each cable's outer jacket. This makes it super easy to measure as you go, which is pretty advantageous for sticking to plans and minimizing material costs.

Bulk Network Cable

Network cables tie the modern world together behind the scenes, but they can be confusing even to IT professionals. We love how easy Vertical Cable makes it to pick the correct option. Instead of struggling to decide whether you'll need Category 5E, Category 6, or Category 6a for your Ethernet application, you can just check the stats to determine what kind of data speeds each item supports and go from there.

Individualized Performance Testing

Vertical Cable bulk network connectors are used for everything from wiring data centers and server installations to running Ethernet lines through offices, residential blocks, and secure facilities. Because each application demands different data speeds, the company verifies each of its products individually to determine their maximum reliable throughput. Of course, these network cables are also designed in excess of standards like EIA/TIA-5688.2 and IEC/ISO 11801. Regulatory frameworks and theoretical limits don't always cut it when it comes to planning real-world system architectures, however, so it's helpful to have the actual maximums on hand. For instance, Vertical Cable's maximum network connector run lengths of 100 feet slightly exceed the 90-foot standard associated with Category 3, 5, 5e and 6 specifications. This may make you less likely to run into problems when you're trying to get the most out of your resources.

Vital Features

These cables are also obviously tailored to the simplicity of installation. Like the Vertical Cable coax line, they include external distance markings. Inside, each conductor pair is color-coded so that you can make connections more accurately in low-visibility circumstances. When you could potentially reduce errors, why wouldn't you? Keystone jacks carrying coax, networking, security, audio and other connector varieties is great, but we prefer a complete solution. Once again, Vertical Cable comes out on top by making it so that you don't have to hunt to the ends of the Earth for matching jacks and couplers. Carrying coax, networking, security, audio and other connector varieties is great, but we prefer a complete solution. Once again, Vertical Cable comes out on top by making it so that you don't have to hunt to the ends of the Earth for matching jacks and couplers. The company's selection of keystone jacks and couplers includes shielded and plain options. This allows you to maintain signal quality in noisy environments or minimize facility costs in accordance with your project specs. Each item is also clearly designed and labeled for a specific form of Category cable. This makes it a lot simpler to standardize your installation and establish good, color-coded habits that support subsequent modifications. These keystone jacks are made from materials that meet UL self-extinguished plastic standards. They also comply with ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-C.2. You can count on them fitting into their surroundings snugly because Vertical Cable offers keystone wall plates made to match.

Racks and Organization

While these items aren't quite as glamorous as most other hardware, they play a vital role in actually building installations. Vertical Cable server racks are fairly straightforward, but they get the job done nonetheless. This also means you're paying for quality and not unnecessary frills. The company's selection of open server racks, shelving and wall mounts feature characteristics that differentiate them from alternatives. These include rigid steel construction, static-resistant powder coating and standard sizing made to satisfy the space requirements of any hardware vendor you can think of.

Tools of the Trade

Finally, Vertical Cable makes its own line of tools, including cutters, strippers, crimping and punch-down hardware. They even supply network cable testers. You may not have any reason to add these extras to your shopping list if you've already got your own equipment. It's our opinion, however, that making sure you have access to such accessories is another high mark for a company that clearly cares about the results users get from its products.

Is Vertical Cable the Right Connection Choice for Me?

Vertical Cable products come in all varieties and satisfy standards like RoHS compliance and ETL/UL certification. Being safer for users, easier on the environment and independently tested to meet regulations are all positives in our book. We also like that you don't have to trust anyone's word about these cables' quality. You can just download spec sheets for each listing to discover information like aging elongation and heat and voltage ratings. Vertical Cable offers amazing warranties on many of their products. Since a huge percentage of customers seem to love putting equipment through its paces, we think this is a sweet deal. Sure, there are plenty of options for getting installations up and running smoothly. We think that working with Vertical Cable is a good way to start off on the right foot. Customers can get connected correctly with Vertical Cable at the FireFold shop.
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