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Product Spotlight: Crimson Audio and Video
Setting up audio and video equipment in your home or business is not the kind of project that you want to leave up to chance. There is a big difference between buying a poorly made t-shirt and buying a poorly made overhead AV mount. With the former, the worst that can happen is you walk out of your front door with an ill-fitting garment, but with the latter you can run the risk of expensive audio or video equipment crashing and breaking on the ground – or worse, crashing onto someone’s head.
Crimson Audio and Video is an innovative company that has spent the past decade and a half creating study and reliable AV equipment that is both affordable and dependable. Unlike many of the other discount manufacturers out there, Crimson AV equipment is designed to handle whatever situation they are needed for, with complete piece of mind that the build quality will be more than sufficient.

Why Crimson Audio and Video is different

One of the biggest distinguishing characteristics about Crimson AV is the fact that everyone that works there really seems to know what they are doing. Whether you are calling to make a purchase or just ask questions, the team at Crimson AV exudes passion and expertise – which is important when choosing AV equipment. Crimson AV also uses only top-quality materials in their products. The aluminum and steel utilized by Crimson is built to last, and the quality assurance team at Crimson conducts testing to ensure that Crimson’s reputation is being upheld with every single product. This is why Crimson AV products able to withstand loads that are four times the UL safety factor.

How this guide will help you

FireFold carries several carefully selected products from Crimson AV. While we genuinely believe that their entire lineup is worthy of consideration, the products we carry are the absolute best they have to offer – which is why we are so comfortable providing a lifetime warranty on any and all Crimson AV products you purchase from us. This guide will highlight some of the common product categories that our customers typically need. Feel free to click the links below to see each specific product page, or to navigate to one of the other products by Crimson AV. 

Monitor Mounts

Side-by-side monitors are an absolute must for many people. For some, however, having two monitors stacked on top of one another can be essential for their productivity. If you are the type of person who utilizes multiple monitors while working, chances are you’ve struggled to find a mount that is both affordable and can mount one monitor above the other.

Recommended monitor mounts

The Crimson-AV DSV2 Vertical Dual Monitor Desk Mount Bracket is our preferred monitor mount, mainly thanks to its versatility. In addition to working with monitors that are anywhere from 10 to 24 inches, the mount also allows the user to tilt the monitor easily within a 30-degree range – as much as 25 degrees upward and 5 degrees downward.

Projector Ceiling Mounts

Whether it is for a boardroom or a classroom, projectors are becoming increasingly essential. When mounting a project, which in some cases will cost thousands of dollars, it is imperative that the mount is reliable and secure.

Recommended projector ceiling mounts

The Crimson-AV JR3 SyncPro Universal Projector Ceiling Mount with Micro Adjustment is one of the most flexible mounts on the market. In addition to coming already assembled (saving you time and frustration), the mount can be adjusted to most types of projectors (up to 70 pounds), even projectors that are awkwardly shaped or off-balance.

Projector Wall Mounts

Thanks to the innovations in short-throw projectors, not all projectors need to be mounted on ceilings anymore. Wall mounted projectors are much easier to adjust since they do not require a ladder. Of course, a wall-mounted projector requires a significantly different approach to mounting – and Crimson AV has the solution.

Recommended projector wall mounts

The Crimson-AV JSK2F-55 Short Throw Projector Mount is a versatile mount that can adjust to almost any angle that is needed. The height can be adjusted by as much as five degrees while the mount can move laterally up to 10 inches. This sturdy, epoxy powder coated mount is built to last, and can easily handle being occasionally bumped into. The mount can handle most projectors, and is rated to carry a projector of up to 50 pounds in weight. The ability to extend from 4 inches to 55 inches means that you can bring the project into “short-throw” position when in use while getting it out of the way when the projector is no longer needed.

TV Wall Mounts

Flat screen TVs have become nearly ubiquitous these days. Where once they were limited to boardrooms (and perhaps the living rooms of the executives in said board room), today nearly everyone has a flat screen television. Instead of simply plopping the television on a table, a wall mount can save space and help the television bring the room together.

Recommended TV wall mounts

Most televisions these days are between 32 and 65 inches, which is why we highly recommend the Crimson-AV A63F Articulating Mount . This mount can handle televisions from anywhere between 37 to 63 inches, and can adjust anywhere from 15 degrees forward to 5 degrees back.

Component Shelves

Sometimes you only need a way to set up additional audio and visual components. However, over time, the particular needs of your setup might change, which is why it is useful to have a component shelf that can adjust for whatever new setup you develop.

Recommended component shelves

We only carry one Crimson component shelf at FireFold, because it is the only one that is needed for most situations. The Crimson-AV WA1 1 Shelf Mount is a classy-looking shelf mount made from black smoke tempered glass. In addition to being able to handle as much as 50 pounds worth of equipment (and only needing one stud to mount to), the Crimson shelf mount can be adjusted as much as possible, while also remaining secured locked into place the rest of the time. If you want to mount audio or visual equipment with complete peace of mind, Crimson-AV mounting products will serve you well now, and for many years to come.
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