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Need For Speed—Making Your Home Office Fast & Efficient
Your home office space is usually the one area in your home where you hope to get things done. Whether you work from home or just manage your household (or both!), your home office space is where you hope to be the most productive. One of the key components to productivity is enhancing all available resources to allow you to do things in the best way possible. In our always-connected world, having a fast and reliable internet connection is essential to productivity. Investing in smart networking solutions and maintaining an organized office space will help ensure you are set up for productivity.

Networking Solutions

The networking installation in your home refers to your internet setup, though it can also refer to how other systems in your home are wired. For the purpose of this section, we’ll focus on your internet networking. Most homes are equipped with both wired and wireless networking systems, which is usually the preferred networking option. According to Dong Ngo from CNET, a wired local network is basically a group of devices connected to one another using networking cables. The internet router is at the center, and you can plug internet-ready devices into the router using networking cables. On the other hand, in a wireless network, devices don’t use cables to connect to the router or one another. Devices are able to use built-in antennae and “talk” to your wired connection. There are many ways you can increase the speed and efficiency of your networking installation. To start, make sure your internet package has the best internet speed available. Speak to your internet provider, and evaluate the packages available to best fit your needs and budget. Your networking, or Ethernet cables, are another way to improve the efficiency of your internet connection. Networking cables are an essential component to any networking system as they provide the means for the internet signal to be delivered between the modem, router, and connected devices. Most homes are equipped with Cat5e networking cables, which can deliver data signals at speeds of 350 MHz. If you are looking to increase the speed of the data signal, consider upgrading your networking cables to either Cat6 or Cat6A networking cables. Cat6A cables can handle data transfer signals of speeds up to 550 MHz. Man on laptop Nothing zaps productivity like a weak or spotty internet connection. If your home office space is in an area of the home where the wireless connection isn’t very strong, consider purchasing a wireless extender. They provide a smooth, stable signal and can be adjusted to maximize signal strength. Wireless adapters can also boost signal strength and can usually be used in any room in the home or office. Being fast and efficient means having all of your needed devices connected and ready to go. If you find that your internet router doesn’t provide enough ports to connect all of your needed devices, then a networking switch provides a great solution. It works by increasing the number of Ethernet ports without changing the speed of the signal.

Office Layout

Mutliple computer screens Improving your internet networking system isn’t the only way to build a fast and efficient office. Building and maintaining an organized and smart office layout can improve overall productivity and mood. Consider investing in a comfy chair and positioning your office space near a window or in an area with good natural light. Clear away clutter and place items on your desk only if they are frequently used. For example, if you rarely use an item like a printer or a scanner, consider moving that item to storage instead of having it take up precious desk space. If you need more desk space or use two or more monitors, a monitor mount is a great item to have as it not only frees up valuable space but can also help with eye and neck strain. Once you have cleared away non-essential items from your desk, position the items you do have according to frequency of use. Most likely your computer will be front and center and other items will be placed to the side. Next, make sure your office is organized. Don’t underestimate how much a clean and organized space can increase your speed and efficiency. Develop a system for how to deal with papers and consider building a paperless system. Make sure wires are out of sight and organized. There are many cable management items available, such as cable ties and J hooks, as well as USB hubs that can help keep wires organized when you have multiple devices.


Don’t be held back by a slow networking installation or a disorganized office. Invest in smart solutions, and build and maintain a space designed for productivity. All that may be required to increase the effectiveness of your home office are a few simple changes, but they can go a long way to making your office fast and efficient.
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