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Must-Have Gadgets & Tech Accessories for Your First Solo Vacation

Going out for a solo trip is in every woman's wildest dreams, no matter how many times you dismiss this thought.

Right, from what to eat and where to stay, we get the complete sense of freedom to live life on our terms.

A solo vacation is the best way to know the real you. Since during the trip you'll have to manage many challenges along the journey. Yes, there may be hassles-and no one around to help you out-but, at the end of the day you got so much to learn.

In a nutshell, exploring new places all by yourself present ladies of this modern era, enjoyable, memorable, and empowering experiences for life.

The Many Advantages of Travelling Alone Are As Follows-

  • Meeting New People
  • Confidence Boost
  • Learn To Be Resourceful
  • No Compromises

Hey, hold your horses for a while, traveling solo is not as easy as you might perceive, but if you pack right, then you're going to bring back unforgettable memories for life.

Whether it's your first attempt of seeing the true beauty and discover diverse cultures all by yourself or you are a professional wanderer, here are the five must-have gadgets and accessories to keep in your backpack.

Let's Check Them Out-

HDMI Fiber Optic Cable

Well, just every hotel provides a high-definition LED T.V, but it generally comes  with a bleak channel lineup-, typical local stuff. So, if you are having a vacation in a non-english speaking country, then a HDMI fiber optic cable must be in your backpack.

 With an HDMI cable, you can easily connect your smartphone to the T.V. screen and watch your favorite shows & movies.


Ever wonder why your dad restrain your idea of exploring places alone? This is because they are concerned about your safety, and there is nothing to do their trust in you. But, the recent technological advancement has given you power the power to easily convince your parents, moreover, ensure complete peace of mind for them. This technology evolution gift is e-alarms. It is a compact, user-friendly, portable self-defense tech gadget for every solo female traveler.

This SOS alarm works for all kinds of emergencies, be it small has stolen your bag containing the credit cards on a busy street, or you doubt that your cab driver is not heading the right direction. And, lastly, the best part you can easily carry it, without anyone having an idea about it.

Tech-Powered Bag Locks

When you are on a solo trip, you just can't trust anyone, even the hotel staff. Therefore, you have to secure your valuables with tech-powered modern locks. These locks come in a spectrum of advanced features, such as sending a warning message to your cell phone when someone tries to unlock your duffle bag. And, the best part, these tech-powered bag locals are not skyrocketing expensive.


To quote Faveable, an independent light source is obligatory while travelling places. Hunting, backpacking or night walking, a flashlight is still necessary for solo travellers. There are several reasons to have a flashlight with you on your upcoming female solo trip. These include your personal safety, an emergency power outage, finding missing items, locate bed bugs in your hotel room, etc.

A USB Drive

Though, you would probably say I'm not on a business tour, so why should I have a USB flash drive, it can save you from the most dread of a situation, such as losing the hardcopy of the flight tickets, or forgot to bring along an ID card. With a USB drive loaded with data, you can easily get the documents printed in minutes, anytime, and anywhere.

A Camcorder Camera

Who doesn't want to capture the stunning images of nature's true aesthetic beauty from different parts of the world? But for that, you need to have a high-quality camcorder camera, and there is no compromising on this. You will make your Instagram fans and Twitter followers go gaga over your travel experiences by sharing those spectacular photos you got during your solo vacation.

Make sure you look at a variety of aspects when buying a new camera system, such as the power of the zoom lens, and most importantly, is it handy enough to be carried along everywhere?

Today, high-end camcorder camera systems are wi-fi enabled that let you share your photos directly to your social walls, without the need for inserting an external SD card. But for this, you have to go deep into your pocket.


The above six products are just a handful of the many tech gadgets and accessories available for solo travels. Other worthy tech equipment to invest-, if you are someone who loves to travel places-include the anti-theft backpack, portable water filter, multi-purpose travel adapter, and compact hard driver.

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