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Must-Have Apps for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
Millions of people have recently gotten their hands on the iPhone 6 plus or the iPhone 6, and they are no doubt looking for ways to optimize or take advantage of these devices. The main advantage these models have over their predecessors is the bigger screen. The iPhone 6’s screen checks in at 4.7 inches while the iPhone 6 plus slightly bigger at 5.5 inches. Here are some great apps for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus:

SwiftKey Keyboard (Free)

This function is much the same way as Apple’s new IOS keyboard in that it has incredible learning capabilities that adjust to the way you type. Its next-word prediction and autocorrect are designed to replace entire keystrokes so your emails and text messages are that much faster to compose.

Yelp (Free)

This app is for those moments when you’re undecided as to where to go when you want to kill some time. Yelp will help you find a place that suits your current mood whether it’s a park, store, or restaurant. You can read reviews and see pictures to help cement or change your decision. You can also find businesses near your location by using its filters to find insane deals, make a reservation, and so much more. This app is perfect for discovering new places or finding the latest hotspot.

RedLaser – Barcode Scanner, Shopping Assistant, and QR Code Reader

This is a shopper’s best friend and will turn your new device into a barcode scanner that can read EAN – 8, UPC-E, EAN, and UPC barcodes. Additionally, this app will help in finding prices via, eBay, The Find, and Google on the item you have just scanned. If you were to scan a book, the app would even search for a library where you could locate the book. It also comes with a QR code scanner with support for emails, calendar events, contact info, and URLs.


This app is an important part of any person’s workflow. Many out there have seen the power there is in Cloud storage and a number of apps that have a backup option that requires a Dropbox account. With this app, you can easily view presentations, documents, videos, and photos in your Dropbox account. Perhaps the best feature of this app is that you get all this for free.

1Password (Free)

This app lets you manage your passwords and use an autofill password tool in a number of apps. It comes with a TouchID feature where you use your fingerprint as your one password. The app is free but there are some extra features that will come at a cost.

Find My iPhone (Free)

Hopefully, you won’t have to use this one but it could just be your saving grace when you lose your device. This app was originally offered as part of the MobileMe subscription service but comes free to anyone with an iPad, iPad Touch, or iPhone. With this app, you locate all your registered devices. Additionally, you can send a message or sound to wipe or lock your iDevice. Two situations this app might come in handy is if it stolen, or swallowed by the couch. In the first instance, you can remotely wipe or lock your device if there is sensitive information on it and with the second instance, you can use the sound option to find the device. This app is your line of defense if you’re ever unlucky enough to lose your device.
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