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Massive Change Predicted for Data Centers in the Next Few Years
Data centers face huge changes in the next two years or so, and they include challenges to traditional infrastructure resource providers. A report by Gartner analysts last month said that data centers will go through a significant disruption caused by the heightening influence of top cloud providers, among other factors.
Data centers are to face dramatic disruption in the next two years, according to a report by analyst Gartner. Competition among traditional data center infrastructure vendors is a reason for the predicted quakes in the data center industry. Another reason for the disruption is the tension between Western and Eastern countries, namely China. This economic tension will undoubtedly disrupt the data center industry. Also, the change to mobile and consumer apps puts new demands on data centers, pressing them to be more flexible and automated. "Elements of are already in play, and will become visible no later than early 2016; however, radical action by just one significant player could accelerate the market disruption of any of the factors," said Joe Skorupa, vice president of Gartner. “Underneath this calm surface, increasing market pressures are driving a change in vendor behaviors, which, along with the four disruptive factors, make the market ripe for a period of major disruption," Skorupa said. "These behaviors will become more obvious as the pace of change increases." Data center networking is sure to see major changes as well, and it has already seen improvements over the last year or so. High-end features, flexibility, and SDNs have made data center networking one of the most popular computing fields. Hopefully, the technological advances will help to ease any ramifications of the big disruption for data centers. As always, if you need patch panels or any other networking equipment, FireFold has got you covered!
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