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Lost Device? Here’s How to Track It
Technology is making it easy for you to be able to track your lost device remotely. It does not matter whether it got lost or was stolen. There are features in your device that enables you to track it. Most of the features are meant to work when the phone is powered on and connected to the internet. You can now track most of your devices including Apple devices, Android devices, Windows devices, and Linux devices, among others.
Apple devices have a new feature that you only enable on your iCloud and then start tracking it remotely from the iCloud. This feature from Apple is actually the best. Whenever you put your device on lost mode, iCloud begins tracking it and can show you a complete movement history. Even if a thief resets your device, this feature still allows you to manage and track your device remotely. Apple does not activate devices especially iPhone and iPads if they are on lost status. If you have a Mac, then you can also remotely lock it or wipe all your data and the thief has to enter a password. Android devices have the Android Device Manager which allows you to track your lost device. However, this feature has to be enabled by activating it after launching Google settings app and tapping the Manager. When it's enabled, you can then go to Google play website, click on the gear icon and choose Android Device Manger. After this, the location of your device is shown on a map. Unfortunately, this feature has a disadvantage: A thief can reset your device and break the tracking sequence. With this feature, you cannot view a complete movement history of your device. Actually, you can only see the location while you are logged in and as soon as you are logged out, all data related to location is discarded. Android devices also have an additional option of third-party tracking. You can install the Avast Anti-Theft app on your device to enjoy this option. This app is stable with regard to factory reset. With this app, you can track your device remotely. Android is also improving its tracking solutions with more powerful features including the ability to take photos. Windows devices have their tracking featured called Find My Phone. You can activate it by going to the Tap settings on your device and clicking on it to configure. After that, you can then go to Windows phone website and click on Find My Phone in the menu to start your remote tracking. Linux devices also have a tracking feature but you have to use third-party software. This is a limitation because the software acts just like any other program running on your device. Therefore, you cannot remotely set a password to lock your device. Generally, there is always a way you can track your device. So if it's lost or stolen, chances are good that it can be recovered!
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