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IT Accessories Needed for Every School
If you went to a normal public school a couple of years ago, you may have noticed that they were significantly behind when it came to technology. Teachers were still using the old-fashioned projector where dry-erase markers and transparent sheets were used to provide the daily lectures. They had old TVs that were brought from the storage room using a portable rack. To make matters worse, they had the oldest VCR and DVD players that money could buy.   Of course, this is not their fault.
Schools are only able to do so much on a limited budget, but, in the 21st century, high-performance IT accessories are beginning to become more accessible to schools with respect to the price tag. This newfound access allows for the development of “smart” teaching plans where the content is delivered in an interactive and enjoyable way. Kids can revel in the excitement of experiencing new technology while learning the key concepts that will be crucial to their future success. Here is a short list of the IT accessories that every school in the 21st century should have. Although this list predominately caters to public schools at the K-12 level, colleges and universities will also benefit from reading this list:  

Projector + Screen

In the old days, you would be accustomed to using dusty blackboards and chalk that would make that familiar screeching sound if you used it the wrong way. The next step up to this was using dry-erase markers and whiteboards. With that being said, many schools are starting to transition toward the use of a projector and screen to display the lessons that have been created on a computer.   Rather than re-write all of their lesson plans from scratch, teachers have the convenience of presenting key concepts from the convenience of a desktop computer that is already installed in the classroom. The combination of a high-quality projector and screen allows all the students to clearly see the lesson plan and take notes. If you are a teacher with hard-to-read handwriting, this option will be a blessing!  


  This one is a rather pricey option that you won’t see in every institution, but some schools have the budget and the capacity to afford these high-tech whiteboards. The smartboard will display the lesson plan that is on the computer, but it also affords the extra privilege of being able to interact with the screen and make changes. Instead of walking back and forth between the computer, you can interact with it through the smartboard. You can write down additional notes to explore topics at a deeper level. You can transition between slides effortlessly. The options are endless when it comes to smartboard technology.   Technology E-learning School Break Lunch Concept  


One of the great things about being in a public school is the hard work that goes into creating an annual yearbook. Teachers and students are excited to open up a book that is full of the great memories that they had over the year. One of the things that adds to this enjoyment is seeing the high-quality photos that paint a vivid picture of a special moment in time.   With the rapid advancements that have been made in camera technology, you don’t need to break the bank to purchase a few high-quality cameras that can be leased for use by enthusiastic student photographers. It also adds the extra incentive for the creation of a photography club.   group of international students and teacher with tablet pc computer standing at white board at lecture   The most important thing to remember about purchasing IT accessories is that you know exactly what they are going to be used for, and that they don’t cut into the budget that you have allocated for other important items. Even though it is important to stay up to date when it comes to technology, you don’t want to have expensive equipment in storage that does not serve any useful purpose with respect to education.
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