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Infographic: What is RedMere Technology?
HDMI cables are definitely a must-have for any home theater. But what kind of HDMI cable do you need? We've already touched on why expensive HDMI cables aren't necessary. Now, here's some extra information about RedMere HDMI cables. Redmere-HDMI

What is RedMere Technology?

RedMere HDMI cables are dramatically thinner cables that can enhance your home theater. Here's some info about how. The HDMI Specification has been licensed by over 1,200 companies and is featured in lots of consumer products. So...chances are, you will eventually need an HDMI cable (if you don't already).

Wait - What is RedMere?

RedMere technology is essentially a chip within the HDMI cable that boosts the signal from the source device to the output device. This technology makes it possible for RedMere HDMI cables to do some things that conventional cables cannot.

Hit Top Speed with RedMere

RedMere cables will push data at the full 10.2 Gbps available. Conventional HDMi cable speeds vary depending upon their length, gauge, and the source device. Although there is some added technology involved, your RedMere cables are still capable of 3D and higher resolutions like 4K.

Size Matters

Measuring in at just 25% the thickness of your regular cable, RedMere outperforms in flexibility and portability.

Audio: Definitely High Def

Yes. RedMere supports a full range of high definition audio types, including SA-CD, DVD-Audio, DTS-HD Master Audio, and Dolby True HD.  

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