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How to Mount Your TV to the Ceiling
Can you mount your television to the ceiling? You sure can! One of the benefits of having a flat panel TV is the ability to mount it on the ceiling. This helps a lot in maximizing space in the house especially when there is limited space. This gives homeowners the ability to change the angle of the TV as needed depending on the situation.

Steps To Mount Your TV To The Ceiling

Mounting your TV on the ceiling is almost similar to mounting TV on the wall. Follow these steps:
  1. Decide the type of ceiling mount you need. There are different types of mount for various types of televisions. Also, decide whether to go for a rotated or fixed mount.
  2. Locate the area to install the ceiling mount. Choose a spot where the television is most visible and also near an outlet. Use a stud finder to ensure the mount is mounted into a solid wood beam. See to it that there is enough space between the TV and the wall.
  3. Screw the mount into the ceiling. Get assistance from someone in doing this for a faster and more efficient job.
  4. Connect the clamps to the television then screw the clamps to the base of the mount. In doing this, you need help from someone to lift the television while you screw the mount base.
Lastly, do not forget to use the safety belt by wrapping it around the TV.

Why mount your TV to the ceiling?

  • Attention-grabber – The modern look of a ceiling-mounted TV easily attracts the attention of everyone. It is one of the simple ways to make a room look more stylish and elegant without spending too much.
  • Wall is free – Since the television is mounted on the ceiling, the wall is now free for paintings and other decorative items.
  • Save money and space – If your TV is large, using a ceiling mount is a smart move. This frees a lot of space which allows you to place anything on the area which was intended for the television. Compared to a table for the television, buying a ceiling mount is cheaper.
  • Better viewing – You will be amazed at the flexibility! You can now watch television in any angle you want. Wherever you are in the room, simply adjust the angle for a better view.
See to it that the mount is strong enough to hold the weight of the television. Know the maximum weight that could be carried by the ceiling mount before you purchase so that your TV is secured.

Hiring Professional Service

Installing a TV ceiling mount is not that difficult since the product comes with an installation guide. But, when you think that mounting TV into the ceiling is beyond your capacity, hire a professional to do it for best results.  

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