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How to Mount Your Flat-Screen TV
You can turn your entertainment room into your very own home theater by mounting your flat-screen TV to your wall or ceiling. You can do this for aesthetic value and to enhance your viewing angle and experience. It is a process that is not exactly rocket science, but it is quite challenging. It can cost you close to $50 or $60 if you seek and expert services. On the other hand, it is something you can do by yourself comfortably. Here are the steps to mount your flat-screen TV to your wall or ceiling:

Get the right brackets

The brackets come in different ranges and the good thing is they support a good collection of TVs. You can use the internet to determine the right bracket that you need, which is in accordance to your TV size. Or simply ask us which bracket and mount you will need!

Mount the bracket correctly

While the TV is lying on a soft surface, glass down, look for the four holes at the back of the TV and remove any screws attached there. Follow the instruction on the brackets manual because they vary and make sure that the screws are aligned correctly and firmly fitted.

Find the studs on the wall and mark them

Finding studs can be tricky. The easiest method to locate a stud is by knocking your knuckles on the desired position on the wall. If you hear a hollow sound avoid that spot; otherwise, a thinner sound means you have found the stud. Drive a nail through checking how easy it goes through to confirm. After locating them, mark them with a pencil.

Drill pilot holes and stick the mounting bracket on the wall

The drill pattern on your bracket should be in line with the holes that you drill in the wall. The pilot holes should be a little smaller to make sure the screws fit firmly. Drill the largest screw against your mounting bracket firmly on the wall through the pilot holes and the studs you marked.

Hide your cords (optional)

You will need two holes on the wall where the cords will pass through to avoid messing up the arrangement. First, check to see if there is a square hole in the middle of your bracket. If not, cut a square hole neatly. Measure close to one foot from the ground and repeat the process. They can be aligned for better results. In addition, the second square hole must be smaller than the first one. Use a feeder to penetrate your cords through the holes to the back of your TV set. It brings more organization and looks neater.

Hang your flat-screen TV

First, confirm that the nuts are tight and steady before placing your TV on the brackets. Afterwards, place the TV and make sure it is very steady. Give it a few minutes and make sure it is stable on the wall. Turn it on, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!
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