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How to install a Net Media Enclosure
How to install a Net Media Enclosure A net media enclosure is designed as a solution for managing data, video and voice applications in a home or multiple buildings. They provide a suitable location for distribution and termination of wiring home runs from outlets on the wall. Content of package There are some standard components that come in a net media enclosure package. The door package has a single door assembly with two door screws, two rubber bumpers and four fasteners in a bag. The enclosure package has one enclosure and protective cover each with four rubber grommets and four mounting screws in a bag. Characteristics The components of a net media enclosure have the following features.
  • Hole pattern: for horizontal or vertical mounting.
  • Cable management support: for organizing cables on the sides of the enclosure.
  • Mounting assistance marking: to help determine the mounting distance from the wall to the enclosure.
  • Mounting holes: for different mounting configurations.
  • Knockouts: for cable management.
  • Electrical knockout: for mounting up to four electrical outlets.
Steps for installation The following steps should be followed to install a net media enclosure.
  • Remove enclosure from the carton.
  • Remove the protective cover but don’t throw away.
  • Decide which knockouts on the top and sides will be used. Remove them with a flat head screwdriver and insert rubber grommets for cable protection.
  • Decide thickness of drywall application. For surface installation position enclosure on the wall.
  • Mount enclosure between the studs and secure with mounting screws.
  • Replace protective cover and install drywall. For surface installation, secure enclosure on the wall with mounting screws.
  • Remove the door from the carton.
  • If necessary, install lock before installing the door.
  • Remove protective cover and screw door in place. Tighten screws and fix rubber bumpers.
Additional accessories For residential net media enclosures, some accessories are readily available on the market to provide for enhanced installation. Some of these accessories are a door lock, cable management cover, cable management ring, plastic grommets, nylon cable ties, Velcro cable ties and rubber grommets. The quality of installation can be made better with these accessories even though they are not requirements.
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