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How to Clean Gaming Consoles and Discs

Gaming can be a very consuming hobby for those who are serious gamers. But as gaming consoles are often displayed at all times and the game discs are handled by multiple people in an array of situations, hygiene and regular cleaning are of the utmost importance to ensure your gaming session isn’t interrupted by a sudden system crash or that you don't lose your precious equipment in the most dire of the scenarios.

It may seem a lot less fun to clean your gaming consoles and discs than to play on them, but it will pay off to have your game system running smoothly at all times. It will also prove to be handy so that you can avoid a jammed console just as you were about to level up on that impossibly challenging game. Salvaging a damaged video game these days isn’t the easiest of tasks.

Discs are sophisticated little pieces of plastic. The good news is that they are all cleaned the exact same way. But before you go off looking into the millions of cleaning suggestions that can be found online –most of which don’t work, by the way – look into your manufacturer’s manual. If you can’t find it right now, don’t fret - here are basic cleaning instructions which should get rid of the most superficial dirt and fingerprints: Use a clean, soft, lint-free cloth – dry or slightly damp, it’s your choice – and drag the cloth softly from the center to the edges of the disc in lines. Avoid making a circular motion, as this can damage the way the disc is read. Be sure to hold it at the very outer edge to avoid adding new prints. If the disc has more than a few simple dirt smudges, toothpaste is your best disc cleaning friend. 

To do this, take a little more toothpaste than you’d usually use to brush your teeth, and rub it on the disc in the same motion as before. After leaving it on for five minutes you should run warm water to clean the paste until the very last residue, and then dry off with a soft cloth. And if all fails, there are always specialized products and tools that can surely save your disc if there’s anything to be saved. As for your actual console, here’s another bit of good news: it’s much easier to clean than the sensitive high-tech discs inside. There are three main parts to take care of: Lens- The lens, the most important part, will render your equipment useless if damaged as it will cease to read discs. It can simply be cleaned with proper, specialized tools. Vents-  You’ll only need a regular household duster to clean these and keep them working like a well-oiled machine.

Casing- This is possibly the easiest to clean All you need to keep it shiny is to wipe a cloth across, adding a little glass cleaner for more stubborn greasy spots. Just make sure not to let liquid in, as that will be game over for your equipment. Of course, the more frequent your cleaning sessions are, the simpler they’ll be as well, so keep that in mind when you don’t feel like pausing your virtual manhunt for a quick wipe down of your gaming consoles or discs.

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