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Essential Smartphone Accessories for College
Woman taking selfie with phone If you just graduated high school and are moving on to college, it is time to start packing! It can be overwhelming deciding what to pack when you might be moving across the country for four years. There are useful lists out there to help you pack and move to college with minimal hassle. The one thing you’ll definitely be bringing to college is your smartphone. Your iPhone or Android has not left your side since you bought it, and it’ll become even more important due to handy apps such as Venmo, Uber, and GrubHub that are each a go-to for every college student. However, for every useless smartphone accessory, there is another that will be very helpful to have in college. We’ve compiled a list of five of the essential smartphone accessories for the college-bound student.
  1. Case

Most, if not all, smartphones are designed to be aesthetically appealing, which deters many smartphone owners from using a phone case, but dropping your phone even once may chip the edge, or worse, shatter the screen. Chances of dropping your phone seem to be much greater in college, due to the hustle and bustle of sporting events, dining halls, and parties. A shattered screen is every smartphone owner’s nightmare, but it can be prevented by investing in a phone case. Phone cases provide an extra layer of cushioning to absorb the shock of impact. There are a range of phone cases out there, ranging from cheap plastic ones to phone armor. Because thin plastic cases serve as decoration instead of protection, we suggest investing in multi-layer phone cases that provide a high-level of protection.
  1. Screen Protector

Some phone cases include a covering for the screen, but, if not, we recommend purchasing a screen protector. Screen protectors defend against scratches and smudges, and may increase your phone screen’s responsiveness to touch. With the amount you will probably be using your phone in college, screen protectors are a wise investment. Screen protectors are inexpensive, and thus, cost-effective. We recommend this iShieldz screen protector. It applies an even layer of plastic across your screen, without dealing with the irritating uneven edges or bubbles. Originally developed for military use, this material is guaranteed to protect your phone.
  1. Portable Charger

College students are consistently on the move, and it is possible that you will forget to charge your smartphone at one point or another. As such, we recommend purchasing a portable charger, such as these, for your smartphone. Connecting your smartphone to a fully-charged portable charger will ensure at least a couple extra hours of battery life. You can also buy a car charger if you’ll be driving in college, which will allow you to charge your phone on the go. Even better, some phone cases serve as batteries that can charge your phone, in which case you don’t need to buy an extra portable charger.
  1. Headphones

You might already have a pair of headphones, but are considering upgrading to a new pair. High-quality headphones offer features such as noise cancellation, microphones for phone calls, and amplifiers to boost sound quality. Having a reliable set of headphones in college can help you study or exercise effectively. We recommend IOGEAR’s GHG700 Saga Surround Sound Gaming Headphones. The headphones incorporate memory foam to conform to your head, have an amplifier to increase sound quality, and provide a surround sound effect. While these are meant to be gaming headphones, they come with adaptor cables that allow them to be utilized for a variety of purposes.
  1. Cleaning Cloths

While your screen protector will protect the screen from smudges and scratches, germs will inevitably accumulate on your phone. You’ll be handling your phone at all times of the day, and perhaps handing it off to get new friends’ contact information. As such, your phone is a prime location for bacteria to thrive, posing a risk of harboring microbes that will sicken you. Between classes, extra-curriculars, sports, and friends, you don’t want to waste your time sick in bed. You can use cleaning cloths to wipe off your phone, removing the germs that have built up. Cleaning cloths are cheap, and easily replaceable if you lose a set. If you want to be particularly vigilant about keeping your phone pristine, carefully use a cleaning solution with the cleaning cloths.

Final Thoughts

While some of them may seem costly, these are investments that you’ll be using frequently for the next four years of your life. Make sure to do your research and purchase the brand or model that will best fit your lifestyle; often you can buy cables or adaptors that enable you to use your phones in several different ways as well. These five smartphone accessories are bound to protect your phone and enhance your productivity.
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