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Earthquake Sound Home Audio Professional Gear Overview
Product Spotlight Earthquake Sound Home Audio There are few industries with more options for consumers to choose from than the home audio sector. There are thousands of different products to choose from, covering a wide range of situations and applications. The problem that many people run into when looking to build or upgrade their home audio setup is, somewhat ironically, the vast options available to them. Not only are there numerous product categories and options within those categories, but the market is often flooded with cheap knockoff brands from China, and even some of the well-known and (wrongfully) well-regarded brands are more the result of effective marketing departments rather than effective audio products worthy of their reputation. That being said, there is a reason top audio brands have stood the test of time – glitzy marketing can only take you so far, to last in the audio industry decade after decade, a company must provide good quality and lasting value to their customers. Before making the substantial investment that any comprehensive home audio solution will ultimately require, it helps to know a little more about whom you are buying from, what their company ethos is, and what you can expect from their product line.

Who is Earthquake Sound?

Earthquake Sound has carefully curated their reputation over the past three decades. During that time, they have become synonymous with high-quality audio products that stand the test of time. Over the years, Earthquake Audio has developed the size of their product offerings to include car, home, and gaming audio. Although we will be focusing on their home audio product categories in this article, we encourage you to check out their full lineup as well. Earthquake Sound is a company in which everyone, from the top brass to the engineers, and even to administrative staff, is a true audiophile. They produce products that they would want to use, which explains why they have won awards throughout their entire history.

Awards won by Earthquake Sound

Earthquake Sound can trace their accolades as far back as 1993, which was a banner year for the company. That year, the company won three separate innovation awards at the Summer CES, which included awards for their EQ-3200 Equalizer, their EQ-5000P/CR-320, and their PA-4050C Amplifier. After that, Earthquake sound was on the map, and they went on to win eight more awards from CES alone – not to mention awards from other organizations, including the EXC!Te Award in 2008, and 2003 Stereophile’s Guide to Home Theater Editor’s Choice Platinum Award for their Supernova MKV-15.

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How this guide will help you

This guide will provide you with everything you need to know about Earthquake Sound’s product categories, including which situations each product category is best suited for, specific products within each category are most popular and most highly recommended by FireFold, and the competitive advantage that Earthquake Sound’s products have over generic and other brands available on the market.


Amplifiers are an essential part of any home audio setup and are used to boost the signal to as many output devices as necessary. Since they act as a sort of “hub” for your home audio setup,  it is essential that you choose an effective amplifier that will provide you with the power you need.

Recommended Amplifier

If you have the budget and desire for a top-tier amplifier, you cannot go wrong with the Cinenova Grande 7 BR. At $5,999.00 it is not for everyone, but the 2000 watts of dynamic power, along with 1000 watts of continuous power per channel makes this the most powerful multi-channel amplifier on the market. Everything from the cooling system to the front panel is designed to combine elegance with raw and effective power. Notably, the Cinenova Grande 7 earned the 2006 Home Theater Rave Award as well.

Bookshelf Monitors

Bookshelf monitors are speakers that are designed to fit in places where space might be limited. Unlike floor standing speakers, a bookshelf speaker can fit – as the name suggests – on a space as small as a bookshelf. Bookshelf monitors are great for home audio systems where space is limited, or as a way to supplement your home audio system in places like a backyard or hallway.

Recommended Bookshelf Monitor

Earthquake Sound offers several excellent bookshelf monitors. However, our favorite is the MPower-8. In addition to an 8” woofer and 125-Watt amplifier, the sleek matte finish of the MPower-8 looks great in any living room.

In-Wall and In-Ceiling

In-Wall and in-ceiling speakers are even less obtrusive than bookshelf monitors. Instead of taking up floor space or space on a shelf, these speakers are built into your home. Earthquake Sound’s industry-leading design also means that you sacrifice very little when choosing an In-wall or in-ceiling speaker.

Recommended In-wall speaker

At FireFold, we are proud to carry the Earthquake Sound IMAGE-C25X In-Wall Speaker. In addition to offering crisp, clear sound, the paintable and rust-proof frame and grille makes this speaker incredibly easy to camouflage into any color wall.


A powerful and clear subwoofer can make or break a home audio system. Subwoofers belong in virtually any and every system, and they provide the deep, booming low frequencies that are essential for many songs and movies.

Recommended Subwoofer

With a name like Earthquake Sound, the company would be remiss if they did not offer a particularly powerful lineup of subwoofers. Of course, the company delivers, most notably with their Supernova MKV-15Piano, which won the Stereophile’s Guide to Home Theater, Editor’s Choice Platinum Award (referenced earlier) in 2003.

Tactile Transducers

For the true audiophile, there are few components more hardcore than a tactile transducer. These relatively small devices attach to a chair or recliner, and provide super low-frequency effects, effectively “shaking” the chair in tune with the movie or song.

Recommended Tactile Transducer

If you want the best, then you have to go with the Earthquake Sound Q10B transducer. This component is so powerful that it can effectively move “2 or 3 theater seats” all on its own.

DJ Monitors

As the name suggests, DJ Monitors are ideal for situations where one might utilize a DJ – such as a dance hall, outdoor event, or another similar scenario. Although they might not necessarily fit into your home audio system, they are great for homes with a large backyard, as they provide a lot of power at a relatively low cost.

Recommended DJ Monitor

At $399, the DJ-10M offers a lot of “bang for the buck”, including a 600 Watt amplifier and a 10-inch high-efficiency woofer with wide dispersion. If you are looking for the high-quality that Earthquake Sound is known for and need to fill a large area with sound, the DJ-10M is a great option to consider.

Surround Speakers

When you want full immersion into that blockbuster film, surround speakers are an absolute must. Surround speakers are designed to work independently of one another so that your home audio system can create dynamic three-dimensional sound.

Recommended Surround Speakers

For true audiophiles and cinephiles, there are few home audio components more important than surround speakers. As such, it is important to go with not just a trusted brand, but a top product line as well. The Theia is part of Earthquake Sound’s TITAN series and is the center channel for your surround system. It can, and should, be complimented with the Hestia – also of the TITAN series.


If you have a large backyard, or simply like entertaining during the warmer months, having outdoor speakers connected to your home audio system is a great way to play music without needing to blast your indoor speakers. Outdoor speakers are weather-resistant and designed to project sound relatively large distances.

Recommended Outdoor speakers

The AWS502 5 Inch speaker by Earthquake Sound is our favorite. In addition to offering premium-level protection in the form of electroplated Mylar woofers with built-in UV protection, the AWS502 can also be easily painted to match whatever color scheme you have in your backyard. We are proud to carry this product in our store, and recommend it to anyone looking to liven up their next barbecue.

Where you can buy Earthquake Sound speakers

Earthquake Sound has developed relationships with thousands of brick and mortar stores around the world, which speaks to the reputation they have with retailers large and small. Of course, we offer select products by Earthquake Sound on our FireFold website. While many of their products are industry-leading quality, the specific products we carry we believe are best suited for our specific customers. Be sure to take a look, and feel free to contact us with any questions!
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