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DTS:X Immersive Audio - Coming Summer 2015
DTS:X AudioThis summer, DTS will release its newest surround sound format, the multi-dimensional audio DTS:X, as an alternative to Dolby's Atmos. This technology will be released in both theaters and home equipment around the same time, leaving no lag for home users to make use of the feature. This immersive audio experience doesn't require specific speakers or configurations for an optimal experience.
DTS:X puts sound where it would normally occur for you, rather than expecting you to place your speakers at designated locations. This results in increased realism and flexibility, as you can setup your room however you see fit and are not limited by space constraints. Of course, like any good technology, it's backwards compatible with DTS-HD so you don't have to ditch your old equipment and library to adopt DTS:X. It works with up to 11.2 speaker output channels across 32 locations. The convenience to the average consumer will lie in the ability to adjust volume for specific parts of a track. For example, if there are particular parts of a movie with long muffled dialogues, you would be able to adjust the volume to create a clearer listening experience. Brands already slated to incorporate DTS:X include Athem, Denon, Integra, Krell, Marantz, Onkyo, Pioneer and Yamaha. DTS touts agreements with almost 90 percent of the market already, so it should be widely integrated.
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