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Different Types of Pliers and Their Uses


Types of Pliers

If you are a workman or technician, you’ll need several types of pliers to complete your task. Pliers are valuable tools capable of clutching and trimming objects with relative ease. Their jobs include wire gripping, cutting, and bending. There are numerous different types of pliers, each with distinctive features that suit them to various tasks and jobs. If you are having a hard time deciding on which type to use for your project, below is an explanation of the different types of pliers, what makes them different from each other and the jobs that every type works best for.

Long Nose Pliers

As their name suggests, they have a long and lean outline that allows them to squeeze easily into tight spaces to grasp or manipulate wires. Ideal for making exact bends in the wire, these are vital to electricians when it comes to looping wires prior to connecting them to receptacles and any other fixture. Needle-nose and lineman’s pliers both belong to this category. They can be used any time precision counts. Their jaw tips make them the best choice for zeroing in on points along the wires.

Pump Pliers

Intended to work more like a wrench, these pliers are what most individuals are highly likely to picture when they hear the word pliers. You’ll find these in almost every toolbox. Pump pliers are made for gripping and turning the bolts, nuts, and pipe fittings that are hard to budge. These pliers are perfect for undertaking plumbing jobs and various household repairs that may be difficult to complete.

Electronics Pliers

These pliers are intended to be used to cut the delicate electronic components such as circuit boards. Extremely fine, tiny, and narrow jaws allow you to get in close for very exact trimming and tip cutting. Whereas other pliers are normally between six and ten inches in length, electronics pliers are just about five inches long, so they can fit perfectly in your palm, giving you maximum cutting control. You can use these pliers when you need to make extremely carefully controlled cuts on the circuit boards. They are also ideal for trimming the delicate wire used in making jewelry.

Cutting Pliers

Made with sharp cutting edges and some serious cutting power, these pliers have one primary job. They are intended to cut through materials such as heavy gauge electrical wire and even small metal hardware. Unlike other wire cutters, these pliers are hardened enough to reduce the vibrating snap you feel when you cut wire. They have additional power that enables you to cut through thicker materials with much less effort. You can use these pliers when you have to shear through thick wires that won’t yield to the usual household wire cutter.  

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