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With the introduction of HDMI 2.0 in late 2013, bandwidth capabilities increased while hardware compatibility remained. Let’s take a look at some of the key differences between HDMI 2.0 and 1.4 and discuss how 2.0 can offer a superior viewing experience.


Compare 18Gbps of data transfer in the new HDMI 2.0 system with the 10.2Gbps level of the HDMI 1.4 system. HDMI 2.0 and 4K (the standard measure of data transfer used to gauge performance), and it becomes clear that the HDMI 2.0 is the better option. While HDMI 1.4 was introduced to handle 4K of video, HDMI 2.0 delivers a whopping 50 to 60 frames compared to 24 from HDMI 1.4.


It is not just the 4K frames per second speed that is different between the two either, the pixel quality is another factor in the overall quality of your viewing experience. The term 12-bit color is a measure of the amount of information that goes into the pixel, thus impacting visual quality. The color specificity is a mind boggling 68.7 billion of possible color combinations! Compare that figure with the 8-bit color resolution available through HDMI 1.4 at 16.7 million; the difference is staggering.

If you are looking for top-quality in the picture quality of your home theatre, there is no question that HDMI 2.0 delivers over its 1.4 counterpart. Frames per second and higher bit-color will make a world of difference in the quality of your experience whether watching a film, gaming or checking out sports or other live-action events. Once you see the remarkable difference between the two, it may not be possible to go back to HDMI 1.4!

If you are an avid gamer, television, film or sports enthusiast, you should be watching in HDMI 2.0! Really anyone who wants
their TV, devices, or home theater to deliver the highest visual and audio quality needs to look into HDMI 2.0. Below we will look
at the three main benefits to having HDMI 2.0:

  • High picture quality – the clarity of 2.0 picture quality cannot be understated. If you are looking for Ultra HD quality that
    does not compromise resolution and color quality, this is the technology you will want for your TV and devices. The color
    quality is leagues above old HDMI 1.4 technology with blacker blacks and whiter whites that make gaming even more
    realistic. TV visual quality is also vastly improved.
  • Immersive audio quality – 2.0 can handle 18Gbps and with that high level of transfer, you will experience a noticeable
    improvement in your overall viewing pleasure. With 1536kHz audio transfers, it is not just your video that will get an
    upgrade. Audio quality of this standard will increase the overall viewing or gaming experience once you upgrade to 2.0.
  • 21:9 visual range – this technology gives your home theater a true theater feel, and with more production companies
    shooting programming video in 4K, the 21:9 aspect will have an even greater impact on your viewing enjoyment.

HDMI 2.0 delivers these three features along with plenty more, and if you are an entertainment enthusiast it is time to look into
getting HDMI 2.0 TVs and devices. We carry everything that you need to upgrade to an HDMI 2.0 experience and our experts
are here to answer any questions that you may have. Give us a call on (704) 979-7100 or feel free to hit us up on the handy chat
feature located at the bottom left of this page.

Key Differences

The differences that viewers will notice while watching programming on compatible televisions and other devices will be most noticeable in the picture quality and color definition. All of these enhancements can be found on HDMI 2.0 compatible devices. HDMI 2.0 has a faster transfer of frames per second which creates a visual clarity that is well beyond what was achievable with HDMI 1.4. This clarity is especially apparent in gaming and in programming where Ultra HD 4K is implemented. As more television programming is shot in this manner, the visual enhancements of HDMI 2.0 will become more impactful. Viewers who enjoy the crisp look of Ultra HD will likely also appreciate the wide angle 21:9 video aspect.


With the higher production values that are being used in producing today’s television program, new equipment needed to be utilized to transfer the higher bandwidth for this enhanced visual quality. This technology also allows for lower resolution levels which will let you watch two full programs side by side. This technology has been embraced by both Samsung and LG and it will be interesting to watch this technology take hold.


Blu-ray players have chips that create a full HDMI 2.0 experience with their ability to handle the transfers from the receiver to your television. If you are a Blu-ray user make sure that you have all of the necessary gear needed to experience a full HDMI 2.0 viewing experience. Blu-ray continues to be an early adopter in this space. HDMI 2.0 offers high picture resolution, side-by-side viewing and a 21:9 theatre-style visual aspect ratio. All of these features will take your viewing to the next level. Take a look at our available HDMI 2.0 compatible devices to learn more.

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