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Connecting Retro Game Consoles to a New TV
Many of us remember playing old retro games consoles like Nintendo NES, Atari, and Sega Genesis. If you played Nintendo NES and all you had to do to was match up the colors of the A/V cords to the same color A/V connector on the back of the TV. However, times have changed, and televisions have too. Some of the newer TVs are made a little different than older models and require other cables or adapters in order for you to be able to connect your gaming console. Here are a few steps for helping you get your retro games console up and running:
  1. Sega Genesis- If you already have a cable box, DVD player, or VCR plugged into your TV, you shouldn't have any problem hooking up your Sega. All you have to do is plug your Sega's antenna cable into the back of one of those devices and then plug whatever device you used into your TV with red, white, and yellow A/V cords. If you would rather try another way, you could use an RF adapter by plugging your Sega into the RF adapter, and then hooking the cables from the adapter into your TV.
  2. Nintendo NES- You can hook up your Nintendo NES like the Sega. If you use A/V cables on your NES, the connectors are on the side.
  3. Atari- To connect your Atari, you are going to need an RCA phono plug to F jack adapter. You need to disconnect your switch box from your Atari, and then plug the cord that was keeping your Atari attached to your switch box into your adapter. This gaming console can be a little harder to connect than the other the gaming consoles.
If you are still having trouble getting your gaming consoles to connect to your TV after following these steps you may need to clean your gaming cartridge or get a new one. Sometimes old gaming consoles need to be updated in order to fit whatever device you’re using. Also, sometimes the only thing that may be keeping your game from working is a loose cartridge or plug. Always check your gaming consoles plugs, cables, and gaming cartridge, to make sure nothing is loose. As a precaution, always make sure to unplug the TV and any other devices from your wall outlet before you begin switching cables. Remember to always put your safety first.
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