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Choosing a Remote for Your Home Theater
Home theaters have been a luxury that until recently didn't make it to the average home. However, now that prices have come down dramatically on large televisions and projectors, they are popping up everywhere. Along with the home theater, there are numerous remotes. But not anymore! People are tired with five remotes to control one system. They are now looking for one remote to do it all, offering functionality in addition to being compact! But how exactly do you pick the right remote? Here are some tips to choose the right remote for your home theater:

Ask yourself what devices you want to control

Start off by determining how many devices you need it to control. Perhaps it will be just for the television, the DVD player, and the surround sound. Once you determine how many things it needs to control you can really start shopping around. Take note of the different models of electronics you have. Are they all Sony product or do you have Toshiba products too? Whatever brands you have, it doesn't matter; it is just important to make sure you find a remote that is comparable with the different electronics you wish to use it with.

Decide how much you want to spend on the remote

The next thing that you need to think about is what kind of budget you have to spend on a universal remote. There is a wide range when it comes to price. The average remote will run you about $40, but if you want something ultra high-tech you can be looking at several hundred dollars.

Look up reviews

Now that you know what electronics you want to use it with, and how much you want to spend, it is time to start reading the reviews. You can place a lot of weight in reviews. You can see exactly what issues people have had. What good is a remote that only works half the time? Also don't limit yourself to reading just the reviews on Sony or Apple’s main page; dig deeper. Look for other sites that carry the same remote so that you can get a full picture of what you are buying before you spend the money. If you are a novice, it is a good idea to go in and ask a professional at the store what they would recommend. They are trained to help you pick out the right equipment.

Ask around

Don't underestimate the value of friends. Ask around and see what other people are using. Maybe you have a friend that knows a lot about electronics and can suggest a universal remote that is compatible with all of your electronics. There are hundreds of resources available to you. You just have to decide exactly what you are looking for, and focus on finding it! Once you do, the only thing you will be saying is “Pass the popcorn!”
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