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Charging Your Older or Newer iPod
charging your ipod The iPod was first released in 2001, and it became one of the most popular devices to listen to music. Apple’s goal was to create a digital music player that was not “big and clunky” or “small and useless.” An iPod enables the users to upload and play music. They can take their music in the form of compact discs and then upload it to their computers using iTunes.
The music files are then converted by the iTunes program to be played on the device. Users can also download new music directly to their device. iPods have other features like games, calendars, software that displays digital photos, and alarm clocks. They are available in various memory sizes and colors. Whether you have an older or a newer iPod, you may have problems charging your device. You may not have the right cable or you may have lost the charging cable that the iPod originally came with. This is especially the case with older iPods. Failure to follow the right ways of charging an iPod may lead to a reduction of the life of the battery, and it will fail to store a charge for a long period of time. Sometimes, the situation might be worse to an extent that the iPod can only be used when charging due to the inability to store a charge anymore. Here are some ways to charge your iPod, whether it is a new or older model:

Using A Charger

If you have a charger for your iPod, it can easily charge your device without a computer or an iPod USB cord. Simply connect the iPod to the charger. The battery should be seen on the entire screen of the iPod or in the right upper corner fill up. When the iPod reads “charge complete,” it should be disconnected. Complete charging of the battery is essential for its longevity.

From A Computer

Charging can also be done using a computer. This can be accomplished by connecting the USB cord or lightning cable to the computer or adapter's USB port.The USB should be connected to the computer on one end when the computer is on. The iPod is then connected to the other side of the USB cord. Many iPod connectors may require you to push them in gently while others may require  you to firmly  press the side buttons inside the prongs. The iPod then gets charged from the computer. If you have an older iPod and you need to replace the cable in order to charge your device, you can always get a connector cable that is compatible with most iPod models. It provides an extra or replacement USB cable for charging and syncing your iPod to your computer. And if you’re traveling, you may want to consider a Road Trip Kit with Cables and Travel Charger

Using The Dock

Make sure the dock is plugged in and place the plastic insert of the dock or stereo over the port. Then, simply connect the iPod to the dock and charge.
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