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Cables: Heading in the Right Direction

HDMI Cable Direction

HDMI cables are becoming more and more advanced in their capabilities. One of the most common features of current HDMI cables is to have some type of built-in equalizer or chip (like RedMere HDMI cables) that allows the cable to carry the HD signal over longer distances and thinner cables. This also adds a bit of complication into the mix, as these added components make the cables directional.
What does this mean? This means one connector is meant for the display or HDTV, while the other end is meant for the source device, like a Blu-ray player or cable box. If these connectors are switched around, the cable will not transmit any signal at all. The thing that further complicates this is that most of these cables are purchased in longer lengths, as the consumer intends on installing them inside walls or ceilings. If the cable is installed backwards...guess what? You'll have to find a way to pull that cable back out and reinstall it in the correct direction. Since this isn't always possible, we recommend testing your cables before you actually run them in walls or ceilings to ensure they're working properly and are headed in the right direction. This will help avoid some added work and possible cost in the future.
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