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Best Utility Apps for iPad and iPhone

Your iPhone or iPad has the ability to help you organize and enhance your life with all of the cool utility apps that it offers. Your device is an incredible toolbox with many, many slots and compartments for new tools. These tools can connect, calculate, shop, remember, and more.

Here’s a look at some of the best utility apps for iPad and iPhone (and are compatible with both devices):

Find My iPhone

If your iPhone or iPad is missing, don’t worry. Find My iPhone can help you to track down your device. In fact, you can track down any iOS device that has a current network connection. You will need a MobileMe account to enable this app, and a device is only able to find a device when it is connected to a network. You can access this app from any web browser (in case you were wondering!)

1Password Pro

Do you have so many passwords you can’t keep track of them? This app is kind of like a safe for all of your passwords. Not only that, it creates and stores passwords for logging in at a website. The software fills in the information for you, and the app takes the data and opens a browser page for all of your login information.

Amazon Mobile

Search, shop, and track goods with the Amazon Mobile app, a mini version of the web giant. If you sign into your existing Amazon account, your 1-Click purchases are available on your device. You can also take a picture of any item that you want to buy on Amazon so that you can remember later.

Dragon Dictation

This app is a speech-recognition app that turns your spoken words into text. Dragon Dictation is completely free, and the conversion quality is fairly decent. The app supports up to one minute of recording at a time.

Night Stand HD

If you need an alarm clock, this app simulates an old-fashioned version to wake up with. You can set it to play music to wake you up and you choose how long it plays. You can also change the alarm clock display screen.


This app lets you consolidate all of your barcoded membership cards. Everything in your wallet that bears a barcode instead of a magnetic strip can be consolidated so that you don’t have to carry computer-readable codes.
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