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Best PS4 Games for Kids
Videos games tend to have a bad reputation these days. Many that are advertised the most are filled with blood, gore, sex, and they offer nothing that is of educational value. Little do most people know, there are video games out there that are very kid-friendly and fun! The PlayStation 4 (PS4) is one of the newer systems on the market and game buffs everywhere are going out to buy this exciting new game console.
Playing video games is a good way to reduce stress, refine motor skills, and develop problem-solving skills. Here are some cool PS4 games for kids that they will love: Just Dance 2014 is a dancing game that is kid-friendly and will give them a good workout! Just Dance 2014 has 40 popular dance songs that you can pick from to dance to and different modes to choose from. This game is also multiplayer, so move the furniture and join in with the kids if you wish. Putty Squad is another kid-friendly video game about a character in the form of a blue blob on a mission to save his friends! This is a super fun remake of Putty Squad that was originally released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in the early 1990's. This game is full of color and personality and it is sure to catch the attention of your child. Zombies are popular in the media now but did you know that there is a zombie video game fit for children? Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare is a game where you can choose your side and battle! This game is marketed for the age 10+ crowd because of the action involved. This game is a fun way for your pre-teen to get their zombie fix. Plants Vs. Zombies is a multi-player game so your child can invite a friend to play. For the puzzle player, there is Tiny Brains. A game where up to four players can tackle puzzles together as a team. Hohokum is a download game for the PS4. This game is filled with beautiful scenery and while it does have some set objectives, it mostly involves floating in non-linear space. This is a calming game that is mostly about enjoying the experience and the journey it will take you on. Lego Marvel Super Heroes is for the Lego lover in all of us. This game features the Marvel characters in Lego form! You can unlock 100 different characters in this game and go on adventures as your favorite superhero. Lego has been releasing some pretty good video games with pretty high reviews. If your child is in the mood for some sports, there is NBA 2K14. This is a basketball game with LeBron James as the cover star. It has over 3,000 animations. Play as your favorite NBA star in this child-friendly game. There is no violence featured in this game. There are plenty of kid-friendly games for the PS4 but it takes a bit of searching to find them. All of the games mentioned above are rated E for everyone by the ESRB.
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