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Best iPhone Apps for Hiking
Hiking is a fun physical activity that’s a great way to enjoy the beauty and freshness of nature. It can be physically and mentally demanding, so you should have the necessary information and hiking kit. Some of this vital information has been incorporated in digital forms as iPhone apps. Be sure to have your iPhone charged so that you can use and enjoy the apps when you need them.
The following are some of the best apps which can benefit hikers during a hiking trek: MotionX GPS: An app which offers topographical maps that one can download ahead of hiking schedule into the phone. A hiker can track his or her journey, save points in maps, and get compass directions. Elevation Pro: This app allows one to tap anywhere on a phone satellite maps to get their heights above sea level. It is useful when determining which hiking trails to use. Columbia’s GPS PAL: This is an important app to make the memories of hiking activities fresh for a long time. A hiker tags favorite spots by use of photos and videos. This app tracks distance, elevation, hike routes, and time. It has a component which allows the sharing of encounters on social sites. Point De Vue: An app tailored for mountain hikers, Point De Vue shows directions and elevation points around a hiking area. It gives detailed information about distance, elevation and mountain peaks within a 125-mile radius from where a hiker is. It is extremely useful when trying to locate mountain peaks in low visibility. GPS Trip Journal: This app takes notes and captures photos tag to waypoints to build a journal of adventures. It is useful when a person wants to remember about the encounters that took place during a hiking activity. It can be used afterwards by new hikers to find a way through hiking trails. Camp Finder: This app is used to find camping grounds. It lists approximately 20,000 campgrounds and Parks in the US. A trekker can filter amenity offerings, club discounts, and activities to those he or she wants. One gets detailed and up to date information, reviews and photos of each campsite. It is linked to Google maps for easy navigation to any of the listed campsites while saving favorite campsites for future use. Every Trail App: One of the best iPhone apps for hiking, Every Trail gives trekkers access to over 400,000 route maps and travel information for hiking activities. This app can be used to create guides. It offers skiing, biking, and other trails. EveryTrail Pro: This is a low-cost app which can take pictures and videos along a hiking trail to remind a person later of the adventure. It has about 400,000 hikes saved in it. It is a powerful app compared to the others. Gaia GPS: This app allows users to download maps all over the world to be used offline in places where there is no network connection. Without a network connection, one is able to still use GPS to find direction as long as the map has been pre-downloaded. This app tags points of interest on the map with details on each spot. It also gives users access to special trail maps in a given hiking area when one is using its full version.
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