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Best iPhone Apps for Babies and Toddlers
The advanced development of mobile platforms and applications means that parents have great access to new educational tools for their babies and toddlers. For the iOS platform, there are many apps to choose from that will keep your little one entertained and educated. Check out this list of some of the most popular iPhone apps for babies and toddlers:


This is a simple yet fun app for little ones to enjoy. The basic tasks are very simple. Blow into the microphone of the iPhone to trigger the animation. Once the balloon is fully inflated, babies and toddlers can shake the phones to create their colorful and complex bunch of more than one balloon. After that, they can poke the balloons to make them come to life and explore some other tricks. This app features remarkable graphics with high-quality 3D renderings.

Kid Art

Experimenting with shapes and colors is not only fun for babies and toddlers but also a great opportunity for them to develop their creativity. With Kid Art, they can choose from various themes that include undersea, outdoors, and school. They can finger draw the images they want or use super cute stickers offered by the apps. The music the apps play is particularly entertaining. There are also options to take a snapshot of the picture or share it via email so parents can save and share their little ones' masterpieces.

Animal Sound for Baby

Developed by Fisher Price, this app allows babies to learn about animals' names and sounds. The graphic design of this app is super adorable with bright colors and cute animal cartoon images. Babies and toddlers can tap, tilt, and shake the phone so that the animals make their sounds and move across the screen. Once babies and toddlers learn a particular world, the apps will play music and songs, and the animals will dance to congratulate them.

Sound Touch

This is a fantastic app that will help to teach babies and toddlers to recognize a variety of type of sounds in a very simple and captivating way. When babies and toddlers open the apps, it goes directly to the main activities. The sounds are classified into 6 major categories: wild animals, wild birds, animals, vehicles instruments, and households. The big plus of this app is that it offers such a big collections of pictures, sounds, and music in both real life and cartoons that it will keep babies and toddlers' interest for quite some time.

Peekaboo Wild

The app is designed for different educational purposes. For younger ones just a few months old, they can learn about simple cause and effect: touch the barn and the animal appears. For older babies and toddlers, they can guess the animals' name by the sounds and remember the words for the name, which helps them to develop their literacy. However, regardless of their age, youngsters will all enjoy the lively music and cute pictures of their favorite animals on this fun app.
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