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Be Prepared to Wait in Long Lines for iPhone 6
Want the New iPhone 6 on Friday? Then be ready to wait in long lines when it officially goes on sale! If you don’t snag one up then, you’ll have to wait until late this month at the earliest. Last week, preorders for the Apple’s latest iPhone soared, and preorders are going quickly.
The highly-anticipated iPhone 6 may still be available at outlets, but it’s highly unlikely due to the frenzy of people who want the new device. Two years ago, 2 million preorders were made for iPhone 5! And don’t count on getting the iPhone 6 Plus anytime soon. It is totally sold out, but according to Apple, if you placed an online order, it will be fulfilled within a month or so. The company said that they sold more than 4 million new iPhone 6s the first day they were on sale, breaking the previous record for preorder sales. Its size (5.5 inches) makes it look like a hybrid tablet and phone. iPhone 6’s features—particularly its larger screen—has made it one of the most anticipated upgraded devices in Apple’s history. Even though preorders have been sold out, there will still be phones available for purchase this Friday. But they are expected to sell out at stores too. Most international stores will get the new device a week after the US release. So how can you get your hands on an iPhone 6 this Friday without waiting weeks on end? Well, you’ll have to wait in line at a store, and not necessarily an Apple store. Experts recommend going to a Wal-Mart that is open 24 hours as your best bet. Or, you can try a Verizon Wireless store, T-Mobile store, or another wireless carrier retail provider. Good luck!
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