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Apple Stores Have a Retail Gameplan for iPhone 6 Launch
In just a few days, Apple’s long-awaited iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will finally be available. And Apple stores are planning for a huge launch. In fact, they’ve already got the process mapped out. And it’s a good thing because the lines are sure to be long and crazy.
Sources say that there have been customers waiting in line outside of the 5th Avenue location in New York for almost two weeks! Here’s a look at Apple’s gameplan for the iPhone 6 launch on September 19th: 5 AM- Customers will be greeted with a warm welcome by Apple employees. The line (which will no doubt be long) will be split into two: One line will be for preorder pickup and the other line will be for those who did not preorder the device. Apple specialists will begin answering questions from customers in line. 8 AM- Customers will be greeted with a warm welcome by Apple employees. They will each then be paired with an Apple specialist. Customers who walked in to buy the devices will then receive their Reservation Pass placeholders through a digital queue system. (In the past, customers received physical product reservation cards.) This pass will be sent by email or SMS. The old physical cards will issued to those who don’t have access to text or email while they are in line. The Reservation Pass number will be confirmed by the specialist for those who preordered the phone. For walk-ins, the specialist will scan the Ready for Pickup barcode. Then, they will both go back to the Genius Bar (which will be out of service until most of the inventory is out of stock) to get the iPhone and start the transaction. Refreshments will be served by Apple during the big launch. Every customer will be asked if they would like a Personal Setup, which is a one on one experience with a specialist who helps get your new iPhone up and running. If a customer declines the Personal Setup, then specialists are directed to inform them about Express Workshops and hand out “Icing” cards, which invite the customer to return to the Apple Store for future training needs.
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