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Add an Extra Monitor with Your USB Port

If you need to add an extra monitor to your computer, it is easy when you use a USB port, and you don't have to give up audio to do so. This works great when you already have all your video connections filled and still want to expand and add more monitors. Watch as we explain how to use a USB to HDMI Converter.

Here we have a simple converter with an HDMI female port on one end and a USB male on the other end and also included in the package is a mini disc for the driver.
So basically how it works is you will take the mini disk and install the driver on your desktop or laptop.
This is a very simple install and the driver disc also includes a walk through manual if you have any problems.
After installing the driver, restart your computer.
Just simply run an HDMI cable to your HDTV or monitor, attach the other end of the HDMI cable to the converter, plug the converter into your computer, then just give it a few seconds to recognize the new driver when you're done.
After the installation, you'll have a secondary monitor running sound and video from the computer.
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