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A Rundown of the Different Versions of iPhones
A Rundown of the Different Types of iPhones The iPhone has been in the market for seven years now, as hard as that may be to believe. Time flies, and with it comes innovation and advances in technology.
Here’s a quick rundown of the different versions of iPhones: iPhone- This was the first generation of the iPhone products. The phone came bundled with 4GB and 8GB memory sizes. Apple later introduced 16GB after they discontinued the 4G. The phone was black in color. Today, the 4GB, 8GB, and the 16GB have been discontinued. iPhone 3G- This version was originally a GSM phone but Apple introduced GPS and 3G on the iPhone 3G. It was released in July of 2008. It had an updated iOS and worked much more efficiently than the original model. The operating system included turn-by-turn navigation, push email, and the apps store. The 8GB is still available even though the 16GB was discontinued. The iPhone 3G was available in black. iPhone 3GS- Released in June of 2009, the 3GS had a more powerful processor and the camera resolution was much higher. The phone is available in two sizes; 16GB and 32GB and two colors: black and white. The phone has support for voice controls. The iPhone 3GS had an onboard compass that made navigation easy. iPhone 4- The 4 was released on June 24, 2010. This was the first iPhone to feature the high-resolution retina display. A front camera was added by Apple for video conferencing and the rear was upgraded to 5 megapixels and 720-pixel video capture. The iPhone 4 had a new design where the rounded back panel was replaced by a flat surface, making this version the thinnest smartphone at that time. It also featured a stainless steel frame and an A4 chip. The chip together with the iOS 4 helped with multitasking functions. It is available in either white or black. iPhone 4s- This phone was released in October of 2011. The phone had an upgraded camera, 8 megapixels, and a 1080 pixel video recording. The hardware was also upgraded and a dual-core A5 processor was introduced. The 4s also has features such as iCloud, iMessage, and a notification center. It also features the voice recognition application called Siri. The iPhone 4s comes in sizes of 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. iPhone 5- Released on September 12, 2012, the iPhone 5  featured a new A6 processor and the size of the display was increased by four inches. This version also featured an aluminum frame and the phone was made lighter and thinner than the previous models. The iPhone 5 was the first iPhone to feature LTE support. iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s- The seventh generation of iPhone came in two different models. 5c is much similar to iPhone 5. The difference is that iPhone 5c has a new body made of polycarbonate and it also has a backside illuminated face time camera. The 5s has a fingerprint recognition technology that requires the owners fingerprint so as to log in. The camera was also upgraded with a larger aperture and a dual led flash. Apple also introduced the A7 dual-core processor making  5s the first smartphone to use a 64 processor. They introduced M7 processor to handle motion data.
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