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A Quick Guide On Buying Gadgets’ Charging Accessories For Your Solo Trip

Exploring the charismatic beauty of the world and diverse cultures & traditions without a digital companion seems nearly impossible to many.  

Of all glitz and blitz surrounding your solo vacation, don’t forget to pack right. It is a no-brainer to prepare a proper list of items to pack to have a well-planned trip and return home with happy memories for life. 

How to Charge Your Electronic Devices On Your Overseas Vacations?

Planning an international solo trip can be extremely difficult, and small tasks like how to charge smartphones and gadgets on an overseas vacation is a big headache that we just can’t overlook.

There are many questions for you which you are obligated to answer, do you need a converter or an adapter?

Are all of your electronic gadgets compatible with dual voltage?

Advance planning is of paramount importance on how your devices will be charged on your first international solo trip to stay clear of last-minute hassles. 

Pack Right When it Comes to Electronic Gadgets

Give five to ten minutes to have a thought process on the capabilities of your electronic gadgets and the cost of using them in a foreign land before you decide what to pack.

Bring along gadgets you require every day and carry professional importance to you. For example, you can bring your tablet as it lets you make Skype calls, edit Microsoft Word documents, and at the same time, serve the purpose of a smartphone. 

Whether You Need an Adapter or a Converter

The majority of our travelers perceive that they have to buy a pricey voltage convertor to charge their gadgets when away. 

However, in reality, top brands of laptops, smartphones, and tablets have a battery operating range of 100 to 240 volts, most of the tech devices can be used in any part of the world. 

In fact, you probably don’t know the voltage converters can even damage your electronic gadgets. 

So, you have to determine whether your gadget >supports dual voltage. For that, read the instructions using the small text on the bottom of the charger or the gadget.  You will probably need good sight or a magnifying glass to see that!

The dual voltage device will read the input requirement “100 – 240V, 50 – 60 Hz." So, you need a plug adapter, instead of a voltage converter. 

Get Power Adapters

Each country has its own unique electrical distribution system and electrical outlet type. 

To better understand, let’s take the example of the United States of America where the two-pronged plugs come standard, while in Italy, they have plugs with two round prongs. 

So, you have to grab a multi-country universal plug adapter for its versatility or you can do a bit of research to know the type of adapter to get for your vacation destination. 

Size & Weight Matters

When you are traveling overseas, what you are packing matters a lot, therefore you need to be conservative when selecting a travel adapter. 

Avoid going with a travel adapter that is bulky or is difficult to pack. So, check on the size & weight of the adapter. 

Final Piece of Advice

While your first solo vacation seems daunting, be patient- take your time, and relax. Then you will settle down, enjoy your trip, and bring back memories for your grandchildren!

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