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A Quick Guide On Buying A Suitable Server Rack System

Be it our homes, business, or commercial spaces; rack mounting is still a convenient and effective way to organize and safeguard bulky electronic equipment. 

So now, if you’re thinking about getting a server racking system, then we would love to recommend a few things to consider before you order just about anything online.

What is Rack Sizing and Rack Unit?

The most important factor to consider before commencing the search for server rack systems is what components need to be housed. 

The most common elements with the server include power distribution units, patch panels, and switches. 

Now, you need to determine the amount of rack unit space each of the above-mentioned equipment is expected to occupy. 

The server racks are available in the market by their rack unit spacing. 

But you are probably thinking what a rack unit is? A rack unit is a measure that defines the server height.  One 1 RU is 1.75m, and if you require a greater height, then you would need 2RU and so on. 

Where The Server Will Be Placed?

When you have already decided on the racking unit needed to secure the server properly, the second step is knowing the space location and accessibility of the server. 

Do you have one corner in the room for floor standing of the server, or you are considering the wall mount network rack?

Please be aware of the depth, width, and height of the server, along with the server weight, if you are installing the server on the wall.  Make sure the racking system and the fastener can support the weight of the server. 

Also, keep in mind, you’ll have to access the server and the side equipment, so the height of wall mounting must be optimum to stay clear of big hassles later on.

What About The Ventilation?

Ventilation is of paramount importance when positioning the server at your place. Proper ventilation prevents the equipment from overheating, protecting against long-term damage. 

Overheating further contributes to reduced performance, and even a break down in a worst case scenario. 

Nowadays, the rack mounting systems come either with a mesh or glass front door; this naturally improves the flow of air and saves space. 

A fan mounted on the rack can help to maintain the server at optimal temperatures, even during the hot and humid summer months.

Final Words

At, you will get to explore the widest range of secure server racks suited to your needs and strict budget. So, why wait check out the collection now!


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