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A Minecraft Guide for Beginners
Minecraft Imagine you were suddenly dropped outside, in the middle of an unfamiliar terrain, and left with nothing but a map to survive. Could you? Would you fashion weapons and tools out of nothing but some stone and the trees around you? Could you defend yourself against zombies, skeletons, exploding creepers, and other terrors? In Minecraft, you get to put your skills to the test. Break down trees, build a shelter before the sun sets and the monsters advance, and make food to keep yourself alive.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is 3D, block-based crafting game that allows you to be wherever you want and build whatever your heart desires. Want the Sears Tower? Build it. Want to live in a pirate ship? Do that. Want to be just a simple farmer, out on a nice large hill inhabited by unlimited sheep, horses, cows, and pigs? Have at it, adventurer! If survival isn't your thing, there's always creative mode. You can build whatever you'd like, with unlimited resources at a single click, and even fly around. Basic tools and resources in the game allow you to build everything from machines, to roller coasters, to even mansions and amusement parks. The game is easy for any one person to play, with a user-friendly system and an official wiki if you get lost or want to know more about the game. However, it isn't just for single player gaming. There are millions of worldwide servers that allow you to interact with other people, make friends, and build together. People make entire worlds made up of cities and neighborhoods. You've got an entire planet at your disposal, and what project wouldn't be better with friends? There are many servers to choose from, so you can pick to play with five people, or you can pick one with fifty or more. Servers are places you can continue logging in to and working on projects as long as they're kept running by the admin. With the resources provided in the game there are also game servers. Giant board games have been created as well as Minecraft-based original games. There are manhunt servers, forms of tag, and even treasure hunt ones. If it's something you're interested in, there's a way to do it in Minecraft! Minecraft, in all its adaptability and variety, also has modifications, or mods. People have recreated games like Left 4 Dead, and Amnesia on Minecraft maps and servers. There are forums and websites you can find links, IP addresses, and downloads on. The game is also being patched and updates often, with large official updates every few months. This means that it is going to continue advancing and evolving, creating more additions and even more ways to create and craft everything you could possibly ever think of. Even servers get updated and changed a lot, depending on what the admin and players of the servers decide. Minecraft is an ever-growing game that's well worth the money you spend on it, which is less than half of what you pay for a big-name video game brand new. It's a great game most can find fun and enjoyable, as well as a good way to build creativity.
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